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Mobile Games In Unity: Player Set Up

In this article I’ll go over setting up the player. Drop down into the “characters” folder in the project view. Find the Player and navigate to the idle folder. select the first frame of the idle folder and drag it into the hierarchy.

Right now I cant see the player. This is due to the order in layer value. To make sure the player is always visible I’m going to set the order in layer to 50.

In this game the player is going to have animations, health, gems to collect, etc. I dont want to clutter up the inspector for this game object, so I’m actually going to make an empty game object, call it “Player”, and then set the sprite we just dragged into the scene as a child of the “Player” game object. This way I can keep everything nice and clean and know where to find things.

I just need to create the object, and drag that sprite in. Make sure to set the position of the parent to 0,0,0 and then drag the player sprite into it. Then 0 out the position for the sprite. Now all thats left to do is drag the parent object into place. Your scene should look something like this.

In the next article I’ll go over getting the player to move!



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