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Month 15 — I have hit my first plateau — Time of doubt and questioning

This month has been a bit unsettling. There were a number of things that I am coming to realize slowly:

  1. I am surprised at the amount of knowledge I forget. When I tried to go back to my personal pet project — Quran SRS — after a gap of 8 months. I have even forgotten what virtualenv manager I was using and how to even activate it. Since I installed Minconda when I was studying the Django Crash Course, it somehow messed up my python installation (or at least that is what I think). Hence, I could not even start the Django server. I could not believe that I have completely forgotten something that I was using multiple times per day for a number of months.

So, I started thinking about my approach to learning again. Reading the Ultralearning book one more time gave me a lot of hints for the kind of changes that I could do.

  1. The book says that the best way to learn is to do the thing that you have to do ultimately from day 1 (Directness principle). So to learn programming, I have to code on a daily basis. Though the tutorials do seem like a good way to do that, there are far better approaches to being direct in my learning. The author compared Duolingo app vs speaking from day 1 in the target language. These 2 approaches are extremely different. When I reflected on my last year, the most learning I have had came from the 2 projects I have done — though I did not know a lot, but since I had a concrete problem to solve, I did climb the mountain. I think that I should do more of that, rather than trying to read one more tutorial or one more book.

So, to summarize, the focus for the next few months is
1. to learn by doing projects
2. to learn the core underlying concepts like Linux and tools like VSCode at a deeper level
3. to take time to create better notes to document my knowledge



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An entrepreneur who is coming back to coding after a gap of 16 years due to love of coding.