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My internship experience as a Rootcoder

the team back in October

Just like the title says this article is going to be about my internship at Rootcode Labs. So let’s start from the beginning. After doing GCE A/L in 2019 I was looking for an opportunity to kickstart my journey to become a software engineer. But there was a problem. I was just a school leaver nothing more than that.

A couple of months after that I started contributing to SEF while learning JavaScript. Once I got comfortable with JavaScript I started learning React to contribute to the SEF AcadeMix project. That’s when I started applying for internships but no one gave me a chance. I got an interview at Entrga which is one of the React projects I contributed but it didn’t go very well.

Since I was contributing for SEF I got a chance to join the dev team. That’s when I got a chance to get an interview at Rootcode. Before the interview, I had a phone screening and a couple of days after that I got the interview. That interview went well and the next day I had a practical evaluation which I had 4 hours to complete. I was able to finish like 80% of it. Next day which was July 22nd of 2020 I had a call with Mr Alagan Mahalingam who is the CEO of Rootcode Labs. By the end of that, he said that they are going to give me a chance. Just like that, I got the internship, I was so excited to start working.

On July 28th of 2020, I started the first day of my internship. I was working from home because of the pandemic. I was introduced to the team and we got to know each other. As soon as I joined I was asked to learn NextJs and tailwind CSS which was an awesome combo to work with.

Throughout my internship, I worked on a couple of projects with different teams, learning various technologies. Let me list down the projects I worked on,

Expert Republic
- Worked on creating the expert/customer dashboard for epub web
[NextJs, ReactJs, Typescript, Tailwind CSS]

Expert Republic Enterprise
- Worked on creating the official expub enterprise website
[NextJs, ReactJs, Typescript, Tailwind CSS]

Project GIC
- Worked on implementing a better UI
[JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Django]

- Created the Aphelia web to showcase the aphelia AI (Resume parser)
[React Js, JavaScript, React-bootstrap]

Apart from the projects that I work let me summarize what I learned from this internship,


I learned how to work with a team, how to solve problems as a team. Throughout my stay, every team was supportive and helped each other.

Communication Skills

It is very important to communicate with each other when you are working as a team and also you should be able to communicate well with other teams as well. I also fortunate to communicate with the clients as well.


This internship experience made me more responsible and accountable for the things I have been allocated to.

Industry exposure

I worked in real industry projects, where it’s running or yet to run in production

Working with the Rootcode team was fun we played games like Call of duty, Among Us and also we celebrated birthdays. Unfortunately, all of us had to work from home but I’m pretty sure it'll be way more fun if all of us were working at the office.

After applying for universities back in march 2020 by the end of October I was fortunate to get selected for the Physical Science — ICT degree program at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. Because of the pandemic, they couldn’t start university so I got late until June. On the 7th of June 2021, I received an email from the university saying that they are starting university on the 9th. So I had to leave Rootcode just like that.

8th of June 2021 of was my last day as an Intern Software Engineer after working for almost 11 months. It was a sad day especially because I had to leave suddenly. The team had made me a small video as well. Here are some of the comments from my fellow rootcoders.

I am very thankful to Rootcode Labs for giving me this wonderful opportunity to get the working experience in a professional environment. Thank you all rootcoders for making my stay a memorable and enjoyable one.

Rootcode AI Launch
My birthday cake



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Anjula Shanaka

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