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My Top 5 Medium Tips and Tools to Write Captivating Articles.

Today I want to write about something different from my regular Game Development articles. When I wrote my very first article it was nothing special. I made plenty of mistakes and it was barely a full paragraph. From there, I started writing my Game Development articles as I was progressing in my studies at GameDevHQ. Along the way, I’ve made many mistakes and my articles were inconsistent. I’m by no means an author or writer and I needed to learn fast or have tools at my disposal to make my life a little bit easier.

1: Grammarly to simplify your life

Credits: Grammarly

Having partial dyslexia really made writing articles a lot harder for me, especially with spelling and grammar. This is where Grammarly really shines for me. The free version of Grammarly will constantly check for spelling and grammar mistakes and would highlight your mistakes to fix. If you were to opt-in for their premium version, then Grammarly will also warn you of advanced issues like poor use of wording in a sentence and suggest a more appropriate alternative.

2: Using Numbering and Bulleting

Medium has the ability to format numbering and bulleting quite easily. If you want to start a numbered list then all you need to do is start with “1. “ in a new paragraph, and hit enter to start a new line:

  1. Easy as that.
  2. Could not be easier.

Using Bulleted lists is just as easy. Instead of starting with “1. “, you start with “* “ and after you’ve written some text hit enter and continue:

  • Just like that.
  • So easy to do.

3: Share snippets of code using GitHub Gist

Credits: GitHub

There are a few ways to share code in Medium. The first one I’ll cover is GitHub Gist. Gists are snippets of code that you can save publicly or privately. Private Gists can still be viewed publicly if you embedded the share link. All you need to do is create a Gist, copy the Gist share link and in a new paragraph press the plus (+) and click on the (<>) button. Paste your share link and press enter.

4: Share snippets of code using Carbon

The other way to share code in your articles which looks a lot more appealing to me is Carbon. This is my chosen way since you can customize how your snippets of code will look like.

5: Uploading Gifs with ShareX

Gifs have become so popular online. And thanks to ShareX people can share so much more in gif form. It’s like a video clip but at a fraction of the filesize but without audio. As a Game Developer, I like to share gifs of my projects as I progress in the courses.

There you have my top 5 tips and tools to write great articles. These have become my go-to tools and tricks that I use on a daily basis. Please note that I’m in no way affiliated with these products or tools and that I’m not being paid by any of these products or tools. I am purely sharing with the world what works for me.



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