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Nerd For Tech — Soft Skill Club Event | 3.5 Mins Call

Know yourself & shape yourself in the process

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  1. Introduce yourself to the club & tell us the most interesting or aspiring thing which you have done, or want to do? In case you do not want to share your ambitions, you can just introduce yourself briefly (Name, Country, Your current area of interest/expertise)
  2. Which challenges have you faced whenever you get an opportunity to speak in public or to someone professionally? Check out the article attached above, where we have mentioned some pointers. If there are any other situations, you have to include them as well.
  3. What steps have you taken to overcome the above challenges?
  4. Now I want you to go through the tips & practices mentioned in the above-attached blog. Write down those points as your thoughts. I want to see, how have you perceived them & how well you can express yourself.
  5. Now I want you to do 20 pushups…I can see you, pal, don’t cheat
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