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Next-Generation Compilers

They are not only cost-efficient but also energy efficient

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They are smarter because they will be benefiting from machine learning and AI and they will be designed to be modularized in a way that each module from the parser to the machine code translator could run autonomously as microservices and benefit from serverless technologies. This Next Generation compiler that Is described in the paragraph above is being now architectured and is going to be developed and tested. What is amazing with this next generation compiler is that it deals also with browsers and web technologies allowing reduction of cloud hosting cost like how this tech-enabled idea help reduce cloud hosting cost by exploiting CDN like amazon storefront, Microsoft … and Google or other like CDN providers with even the possibility to use a mix of these CDN providers for hedging cost in a timely manner. Platforms like hackerrank, algoexpert are those that will need the web-based version of this next-generation compilers but Game Studios also can benefit from the desktop-based version because this version will be entirely designed and customized for Game Development because of Godda Game.

While major big tech players offer compilers for every software engineer, developer, and coder this next generation compiler is only for game developers and coding skill assessment because of the rule of minimum viable audience which says that instead of trying a reach and please a mass, target a small and precise set of people and delight them with your skills such that they will be amazed by how important the works and services that you are delivering to them are and will not want to live without your works or services. But Minimum Viable Audiance (MVA) is not about building addictive tech-enabled products or services but relevant useful ones.

during the development phase of this next-generation compiler, measuring the level of coding skills assessments activities is important for knowing the size of this small market size that it could address. Here is a list of ten platform that could benefit from this next generation compiler because this platforms are bout coding skills assesment. If you take into consideration hackerrank only which has 11 million developers using it by executing code from coding challenge. Millions of line of code maybe compiled and executed by hackerrank like platform per day then making the compilation time and minimizing the usage of computing resources help these platforms reduce cost if they don't adopt this next generation compiler it is because you and me have failed to market it but the benefit for them is here. Making them easily see where the benefit land is a key factor of success for this next generation compiler. To achieve this marketing gaol of helping them see the benefit a cost reduction estimation tool need to be built by the engineering team and this is an example of the concept of engineering as marketing tool that this data-driven book that will be published will be about

Engineering as Marketing Tool a data-driven book by Book Dojo

and this cost reduction estimator as well as the CDN cost estimator tool of this other tech-enabled idea about reduction of cost of cloud hosting expense by shifting to a new architectural design that minimize the use of relational and non relational databases by using cache technologies will all be case study of this data-driven book. To say that Book Dojo is also covering the great things that are being produced by Emb.. Godda Game which are these two tech-enabled venture that I am actually experimenting. Book dojo will publish data-driven books that will showcase the amazing tech works done by this two tech-anabled idea. I Hope that I am meaning fully coherent is what am doing with this publish and build project that I am going into since year from now that you have read this article to tell you that you also can do what I am doing right now.



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