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Arohi Adhyaru
Mar 31 · 4 min read

In order to build scalable, High performing, data-intensive, and real-time robust web applications, every organization needs to hire a best-of-breed Node js Developer who can handle the business project beyond the basic technicalities!

A well-versed and talented Node js Developer team is a Must-Have to achieve a competitive advantage over the Industry’s rival companies.

Now there are various ways you can build a dedicated team, one of the most efficient methods, approach the Offshore Node js Developer team and hire them based on an hourly or monthly basis in accordance with your Business type and requirement of your project.

One of my closes recently hired one of the globally renowned Node js Development Company for their Business project requirement. We were discussing how the Development services in the industry are changing. Still, with time, this one company has outstood themselves with their consistent performance, especially in Node js Development services!

One of the undeniable reasons is that You are leveraging world-class expertise without making long-term commitment only to commit till your Project Goal is accomplished! There is numerous Node js Development agency that is getting into the industry,

yet there are only a few which can make it to the bar of Highly assured quality and Services.

Based on our discussion, I did some research; as per many trustworthy business listing sites and Globally renowned rankings, Bacanacy Technology is coming out as one of the aspiring names in our web development Industry.

The prominent reason behind this increasing popularity is the Profound services and continuous support from their Expert and highly skilled Developer teams throughout the project development process.

They offer their Node js Programmers to more than five Developed countries globally for more than a decade! It clearly shows they know the industry well and knows well about what works the best with their clients.

Before getting into the services offered by these globally renowned Offshore Node js Consultants, the experts from this company advise that you must have clarity regarding what kind of services your aspiring project will be needed as a client. So it could be easier for them to cater to you as precisely as your requirements are!

Now let’s go through the services offered by them, particularly in Node js technology.

Node.JS Web Development Services

  • API Development and Integration
  • System Architecture
  • Node.js Consulting
  • Nodejs Application Migration
  • Real-Time Chat Application
  • Serverless Node.js Microservices
  • Ajax Development
  • Portal Development
  • Node.JS Plugin Development

Furthermore, Their Highly skilled Node js Programmers have in-depth Knowledge regarding which Node.js Stack should be used at what type of Business Project as per its requirement from their vast libraries of Node.js technical stack.

Node js Technical stack

Apart from offering Expert Node.js consulting, they have a transparent, agile culture that allows them to possess a secure and convenient exit policy and an assurance of total confidentiality!


You can access all of these features and advantages by hiring their Node js Developers by any convenient Hiring model suitable for your organization.

These Hiring Models are pretty flexible as it has three versions based on hourly basis rates and Monthly basis rates of Node js Developer. Hourly basis rates of their Node js Development team are $23, and Monthly Rates are $2960, which could be considered one of the lowest price-range if we look at the services offered by them.

Now you have got the basic idea about the services offered by them now what to do if you want to hire them?

Here is the simple way for you.

Steps to Hire Node js Developer from them.

  1. Share your project details regarding the requirement.

2. Team Screening & build your Node js Experts team

3. Select the most suitable Hiring Model as per

4. set up terms and conditions based on mutual understanding.

5. Get your project started with the organization following the utmost transparent culture!

To better understand the work they have done in the past or how they take the lead on various projects, you can visit their website.

Looking at the Industry Undoubtably Bacancy technology’s work and reviews serve nothing less than the best in the industry to their clients. However, I hope my review based on the experience of one of my closest developer friends working in one of the globally leading companies will help you find and Hire Node js Developer!

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Nerd For Tech

NFT is an Educational Media House. Our mission is to bring the invaluable knowledge and experiences of experts from all over the world to the novice. To know more about us, visit https://www.nerdfortech.org/. Don’t forget to check out Ask-NFT, a mentorship ecosystem we’ve started

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