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Overview of the 4th China International Import Expo: From VR, AR to Robot Automation

From the wonderful entertainment experience to the automation wave of industrial manufacturing, the influence of high technology has captured people’s curiosity.

The 4th China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai on November 5, 2021. During the exhibition, some high-tech products brought by domestic and foreign enterprises appeared one by one.

VR and AR

You can enter the actual music scene and experience drumming fun by putting on a pair of glasses and a pair of controllers. At the expo, Qualcomm brought virtual reality (VR) products. Among them, equipped with the Primulon XR2 platform, the Pico Neo 3VR all-in-one game machine launched a new game world, which made many people experience it.

The integrated circuit area where Qualcomm was located is the highlight of the expo. It was reported that the exhibition scale of this sector exceeds 7000 square meters, covering the upstream materials, midstream processing, and downstream application fields, with the participation of well-known companies such as Samsung, Asimer, and Qualcomm.

Robot Automation

During this expo, many companies moved common manufacturing scenes to the exhibition hall. Japanese industrial robot manufacturer NACHI displayed various products such as super-large heavy-duty handling robots and slender-arm collaborative robots. Multiple robotic products, laser cutting, 3C manufacturing from Shenzhen, Han’s Robotics Co., Ltd were also visible in the exhibition hall. The landing of these products is inseparable from the combination of technology and scenes.

In Hall 2.2, two coffee robots with different appearances were busy making coffee, waving their mechanical arms. The compressed nitrogen collected in the air was flushed into the cold-brewed coffee through specially developed equipment. The dense bubbles churn upwards. Although it didn’t add milk, it had a similarly thick and smooth taste.

“Robots take on 70% of the work, and employees are mainly responsible for preparing materials and serving customers. One person and one machine can produce a drink in 50 seconds.” Founder Chen Xiaobo wants to build a mobile cafe and develop new technologies to improve efficiency and customer experience.

A fully automatic coffee booth was on the other side of the aisle. It can achieve unattended operation by supplementing materials such as coffee beans and water. Such robots were in many corners in the hall. In the field of coffee, more subdivided types of robots were being launched.

Two six-axis mechanical arms can control the robot’s force to grab paper cups and complete the action of brewing coffee. “According to the coffee types, we set the brewing time and curve and precisely make the program to make the coffee taste stable and high-quality.” The executive director of the National Pavilion of East Timor said, “The robot can make two more cups of coffee than the staff within the same time and can offer the service for 24 hours.

AI’s Reliance on High-quality Data

There is an important consensus in the AI industry:

The quality of the training data directly determines the performance of the final AI model. The more scalable and accurate data, the more robust algorithm will be.

With the acceleration of the commercialization of AI and the application of AI technologies such as assisted driving and customer service chatbot in all walks of life, the expectation of data quality in the special scenarios is getting higher and higher. High-quality labeled data would be one of the core competitiveness of AI companies.

If the general datasets used by the previous algorithm model are coarse grains, what the algorithm model needs at present is a customized nutritious meal. If companies want to further improve certain models’ commercialization, they must gradually move forward from the general dataset to create the unique one.


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