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Photographing Coffee Grounds for Grind Distribution Analysis

An SOP for those curious

The aim is to photograph the coffee grounds in the best environment. The aim is to reduce all variables to make the particle analysis easier.

Prepare the Environment

  1. Turn off most overhead light
  2. Close window blinds
  3. Place a 8.5 x 11 piece paper on a flat surface
  4. Get your camera ready, and turn the flash on
All images by author

Prepare the Coffee Grounds

1. Grind 3 or 4 beans

2. Start with a small pinch of coffee

3. Sprinkle around from a foot above the piece of paper

4. Use a fine brush to tap lightly on the grounds to help separate the finer particles from the coarser

Take Pictures

  1. Open camera or camera app
  2. Turn on flash
Left: Without Flash, Right: With Flash
  1. Level the phone one foot or so above the page so that the entire page is visible in the field of view
  2. Take some pictures
  3. Bonus: Turn on one of the zoom lens from the same height and take a picture.

With these steps, you can get some good images of your coffee grinds, and then it can be easier to do particle analysis.




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