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Projecting your Windows Screen Into Old Laptop

My old laptop

Do you have an old laptop? The device that was too old to work properly. If you read this article, I believe that you do. I was most desperate to find how to project my screen into the old laptop. I had already bought HDMI and VGA cables, which were useless. I tried to follow the steps on the internet and still have not found them. Even in the forum, I read that someone said, “Why are you need to project on your old laptop? You can use it more than a monitor”. At that time, I agreed about that statement until I realised my laptop was too old to work properly, so I decided it was just a useless comment from someone.

As a programmer, you probably already know about this way or have more money to spend more monitor. But, as a beginner in this fields, buying a monitor is not one of the best options. It will only add trash to your home. Think, what if we give up in the middle?

In this story, I want to write the steps of projecting your Windows from one laptop to your old laptop. To be honest, I got the answers when I tried to project my monitor to my smartphone. It only needs internet connections, and boom, everything is done.

The Flow

Here is the flow for all steps that we will pass.

Well, projecting your windows from other devices is using `spacedesk`. I think it is an underrated app and could help many people. But to make this app spread wider, the developer should advertise more. The documentation they used is already great. Here is a screenshot from the video that is available on the site.

Okay, let’s go to the documentation.

The Documentation

I will split the documentation into two parts since we should configure the server and client.


1. First, you have to download the apps from the source or just easily press here the download will automatically start.

2. After the download is completed, start the installed apps and click next.

3. Read or just check the agreement and click next.

4. Please choose the location for “spacedesk Windows DRIVER” I prefer to install it on the C drive.

5. The step below is important. Don’t forget to add an exception on Firewall because if you forgot this step, you probably should configure it manually, beyond this documentation.

6. Click install and wait until it’s done.

7. Tadaaa, the installation for the server is already completed, click Finish, and the server side is already configured. Click Finish to exit.

8. Open the apps, and don’t forget to turn the spacedesk Statusinto ON.

Most Common Error:
You probably found errors such as MinGW or C++ errors. I re-run the installation using the administrator privileges saved in the C drive to solve the problem.


1. For the client side, as you can see, you can install it on many devices as you like. I already test it on my Android, Windows 7, and Windows 10. In this documentation, let’s install it in Windows 10.

2. If you choose Windows 10, you must open the Microsoft Store.

3. Click Get and wait until the download begins.

4. The download will not take a long time.

5. You’ll get notified if the download is completed (If you don’t turn off the notification bar)

6. Open the apps, and you will see the Server machine that is already connected. It will scan all “spacedrive servers” in your network.

7. If you click the “Connection:”, the program will project the main screen.

Here is the proof that these works are completed.

Additional Tips

Using this app, you could implement several tips in projecting your old device screen.

1. The “spacedrive” app work as monitor sharing using the network, so you can change the screen options, whether duplicate, extend, etc.

2. On the client side, sometimes the device looks too slow. You could adjust the resolutions by opening the setting. In the compression section, you can change the encoding color. If you choose the option for High color quality, you will get a higher result. Still, the speed will decrease since it transfers information using the network. I prefer to use low color quality to get the fast-speed transmission.

3. You could control the display options like the screen resolutions or keeping the monitor awake.

Well, finally, it’s your choice to explore it more.


Congratulations, you can now project your windows screen into your old devices. I hope it could give you extra cash to keep since you can’t sell the old machines because they have memory. Also, you don’t have to bring more trash into your room. Not to discourage, but I believe people love to start but not to finish. Finally, thanks for reading.

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