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Put Boxes Into the Warehouse I — Daily Challenge May

1564. Put Boxes Into the Warehouse I

  • Boxes cannot be stacked.
  • You can rearrange the insertion order of the boxes.
  • Boxes can only be pushed into the warehouse from left to right only.
  • If the height of some room in the warehouse is less than the height of a box, then that box and all other boxes behind it will be stopped before that room.


Input: boxes = [4,3,4,1], warehouse = [5,3,3,4,1]
Output: 3
Explanation: We can first put the box of height 1 in room 4. Then we can put the box of height 3 in either of the 3 rooms 1, 2, or 3. Lastly, we can put one box of height 4 in room 0.
There is no way we can fit all 4 boxes in the warehouse.

Understanding the problem:

def maxBoxesInWarehouse(boxes, warehouse):
for i in range(1, len(warehouse)):
warehouse[i]= min(warehouse[i], warehouse[i-1])
j = 0
res = 0
for height in warehouse:
while j < len(boxes) and boxes[j] > height:
j += 1
if j >= len(boxes):
res += 1
j += 1
return res

Complexity Analysis:

  • Time complexity: O(n*log(n)) for sorting the boxes m for creating the min-height array. O(n + m) for finding the box for the room.
  • Constant space



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