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Python for Learning English

A Command Line Interface Program to Learn English

Hi folks! It has been a while since I last posted. Nowadays, I am developing more than one project simultaneously. Therefore, I couldn’t write a new text about tech stuff. However, I have developed a side project to boost my English learning. Actually, I am writing this text for my English class :P In this text, I am going to write about how I used my programming skills to improve my language learning.

Command Line Interface for English Learning

Actually, there is a cliche which is if you want to improve your coding skills, you need to find a real-life problem to solve by coding. To do that, I have chosen translation as my real-life problem. When I read or study with my laptop, It is a bit difficult to learn the new words that I saw on the pages. To handle that, I developed a CLI program.

Actually, it firstly was just for English to Turkish translation. However, then I enhanced its capability. And now it can also show the searched word’s synonyms and sentences that are created with the searched word.

>>> python -m tureng_cli translate -w Kasırga -n 10

Meanings of "kasırga" in English Turkish Dictionary : 33 result(s)
# Category Turkish English
1 + Common Usage + kasırga + hurricane
2 + Common Usage + kasırga + whirlwind
3 + General + kasırga + wind
4 + General + kasırga + cyclone
5 + General + kasırga + twist
6 + General + kasırga + squall
7 + General + kasırga + windstorm
8 + General + kasırga + whirlwind
9 + General + kasırga + twister
10 + General + kasırga + tourbillion
>>> python -m tureng_cli sentence -w "Hurricane" -n 10Hurricane sentence example
# Sentence
1 + Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night.
2 + The town was considerably damaged by the great hurricane of the 8th of August 1899.
3 + He'd managed to miss the hurricane, though the waters were still rough and the waves high.
4 + Everything needs to be ready, especially if the hurricane shifts to make landfall.
5 + In 1907 a hurricane destroyed the greater part of the laurels of the Prado and the royal palms of the Parque de Colon.
6 + He felt like he'd been hit by a hurricane.
7 + In 1090 a tremendous hurricane passed over London, and blew down six hundred houses and many churches.
8 + An open space forming the heart of the square in which the church stands separates the solitary western tower (14th century) from the choir and transept, the nave having been blown down by a violent hurricane in 1674 and never rebuilt.
9 + In July, on the approach of the dangerous hurricane season, Rodney sailed for North America, reaching New York on the 14th of September.
10 + The hurricane, too, was followed by repeated droughts, and the inhabitants of the out-islands were reduced to indigence and want, a condition which is still, in some measure, in evidence.
>>> python -m tureng_cli synonym -w "Hurricane" -n 3Hurricane synonyms
# Synonym Defination
1 + cyclone + (Meteorol.) A system of rotating winds over a vast area, spinning inward to a low pressure center (counterclockwise in the N Hemisphere) and generally causing stormy weather: commonly called a low, since it coexists with low barometric pressure
2 + typhoon + A violent cyclonic storm occurring in the western Pacific Ocean.
3 + wind + The wind instruments of an orchestra, or the players of these instruments
>>> python -m tureng_cli translate -w "excissment" -n 10Maybe the correct one is

Hopefully, it helps you to improve readings on your laptops.

Kind regards



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