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Python VS Go

Before we start let me give a introduction to bot of the coding language

What is GO??

GO is a programming language created by Google. It’s easy to learn and well suited for team development. Another characteristic feature is it’s speed. It is one of the fastest growing programming language in the world .

What can GO do??

Websites (Where java script can be still used )

Mobile applications (For front end part)

System programming

Used for server side programming

History of GO

Originated as an experiment at google by Robert Griesemer ,Rob Pike & Ken Thompson. Created by google 2007.

GOAL: Development speed of python with the performance safety c and c++.


GO is statically typed with powerful language and fast and powerful. Golang is a procedural and statically typed programming language having the syntax similar to C programming language. Sometimes it is termed as Go Programming Language. It provides a rich standard library, garbage collection, and dynamic-typing capability. Golang is one of the most trending programming languages among developers. Go is a really flexible language, able to solve a lot of problems. You can use it for system and network programming, big data, machine learning, audio and video editing, and more.


Learning a programming language is good thing to get started. But managing how to get started or what coding language to learn is a difficult task. So I recommend you all to get started with python. But expect know many coding language.

What is Python ?

Python is extremely popular programming language in fact it is the fastest growing right now . Its is frequently used in scripting and automation machine learning the internet things and so much more . python is been a go -to -choice for world class companies like Facebook, Google, Spotify and Netflix just name few.

To learn more about python check out my blog using the link- click here

Lets get started with the comparison

We will compare





The performance depends on the problem solving speed of the co ding language .

python take mandelbrot 279.68 sec and uses 49344 unit where as the GO takes 5.47 sec and 31280 units to solve mandelbrot problem.

python takes 882.00 sec and uses 8212 where as the GO takes 21.00 sec and uses 1532 units to solve the problem

from the above example we are damn sure that python is slower as compared to python.


The most popular libraries of python are

1 .TensorFlow
2 .Scikit-Learn
3 .Numpy
4 .Kera
5 .PyTorch
6 .LightGBM
7 .Eli5
8 .SciPY
9 .Theano
10. Pandas

The most popular libraries of GO are

  1. GORM

2. Gen

3. Goose

4. cli

5. Go Kit

6. Vegeta

7. Authboss

8. Glide

9. Ginkgo

10. Docker


When you’re developing some software for a client, you are generally going to work as a team with ten or even hundreds of other developers. At such times, code readability becomes a major factor to be taken into consideration.

Now a lot of you all might be thinking that Python surely takes the cake here but I have a different opinion so hear me out. At a glance Python sure has fantastic readability, but in my opinion, they overdo it sometimes. In Python, there are probably 10 different ways to say the same thing which normally leads to confusion whenever code is big or the people working on the code are in large numbers.

On the other hand, Go comes with strict rules when it comes to programming. It doesn’t allow unnecessary libraries to be imported nor unnecessary variables to be created. This means there is a definite way to perform a task which leads to a better understanding of code amongst large groups. Some of you may say that the versatility of code takes a hit, but who really cares about versatility especially when it comes to core programming? Go’s syntax is also considerably less friendly to beginners but it’s not as unforgiving as something like C or C++. So for readability of code, I’m going to go with Go.

So as you guys see, Go definitely has the upper hand in most cases and trumps Python as a programming language in my opinion. Sure it might not have the fame that Python has garnered over all these years and the expansion of the internet, but Go is surely catching up in that aspect too. Don’t agree with me? Tell me why in the comment section below. That’s it for this comparison for now! I hope I’ve helped you make up your mind regarding which language is better for your project



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