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& it happened that day. It just stuck hard in my head & forced me to think. To think about the “JavaScript”. Well, as like any other, I thought it to be something related to “Java”, only then to realize -

Pun Intended XD

After a quiet here and there thoughts on why “JavaScript”, I dared to take this chance. The chance that changed the course of my life. An unexpected adventure.

The article isn’t about “Why” but “How”. A little google search will help you clear the “Why” behind the “JavaScript”. I know you are on it ( if you are not aware ). So now the Why is clear, let's make How easy.

but I don’t know how to get started

Okay, that line never ceases to amaze me. As a beginner, you are kinda partnered with that sentence ( Me the Most ). The reason is either you are afraid or more afraid. Because you are aware of the things going out there, like, Mr.X has just cracked that UYZ company interview, Miss. Z has won a big bounty, & chintu has built an android app. Thanks to social media. Now you are afraid, afraid of the competition, and you keep asking yourself — will you be able to do the same? Or else, you are the more afraid, just for sake of being afraid, as it is coding & it never meant to be easy. You have liked those coding memes, right? You, me & all end up on the same end of insecurities while starting out that only thing that has been haunting us for a while i.e Learning to Code.

I don’t know how to get started

Let’s just keep our partner out of the equation for a while ( with all those mind clutter ) & actually get started with coding. Coding with JS.

While doing the same, I hit google and wondered — are there any resources on getting started with JavaScript? Turns out, there is a flood. Gosh, too many resources with tons of different levels, concepts & teaching methodology. No wonder, it's JS — a widely must language these days. Now now now, which one to go for? Which are the best of best? ( Mind clutter ). Pause. As that’s why this article is all about. To help you with a list of fine-tuned resources to go with on your wonderful “The JS Journey”.

I might list plenty. But honestly, most of them are worth trying. & in the era of “Change”, you can’t keep calm on one single resource. You have to continuously haunt for the greater good. In short, to try things out! That’s how you become a great programmer ( googler XD).

Free, free & Free

The feeling of having something for free hit another level. Cause it’s free. Here are the few free resources you may like to go with -

  1. FreeCodeCamp

When it’s the topic of “Code”, inevitably, no one can forget to mention the “FreeCodeCamp”. As it's the homeland of many developers.

A non-profit organization aimed to help people learn to code. They have a website where they offer 300-hours of certification ( for free ). Including JS. You don’t need much here for starting. Just visit & get started with their amazing course structure.

while they have a Youtube account as well. They host plenty of videos on a variety of subjects. You will find many actually. You can search for whatever suits your taste.

2. Brad Traversy

A man with a big heart. He has created tons of tutorials & that too for free. There are different projects to get your hands on JS. It’s like — learn while building some crazy cool things. Below is his special playlist on JavaScript.

3. JavaScript30

If you are someone who is an inheritance of procrastinator class & is trying to challenge it. Then here for you, a #30Days challenge to learn JavaScript with none other than Wes Bos. A full-stack developer & host of the most famous podcast Syntax, has something for you to get started with. He offers both free & premium courses, luckily for us, JavaScript30 falls under the category of FREE.

A 30-day vanilla JS challenge where you will be able to build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials. You can post your progress on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. By doing this, you not only will be able to hold yourself accountable for the challenge but also will meet some other friends who are doing & trying something like you. Likeminded. Sounds great, right?

4. NetNinja

A coding Master Ninja for you. A youtube channel with tons of videos. The best thing about the channel? He keeps creating & updating his stuff to make sure that his pupils become the next Ninja. and you just can’t forget the way of his teaching. Just another masterpiece. Not to neglect, he has created a premium course on JS as well. If you liked his way of teaching the way I do, then you can/must surely go for it.

Notable mention…

  1. Florin Pop — Youtube Channel
  2. Web Dev Simplified — Youtube Channel

But paid courses are more insightful… I guess? Because they are PAID. Let me list that out as well for you,

So Paid it is,

  1. Academind

Ha, more probably the Guru of many programmers out there. He takes everything from ground zero to the most advanced part of the topic. His courses are worth worth going for. You can see a snippet ( actually a 5 hour long part ) of his JS course on YouTube here —

The best thing about him is that, well, just go watch and find it on yourself.

2. CodeWithMosh

The Noonies Top Programming Guru. Yes, the Moshfegh Hamedani is the savior of many when it comes to trying things differently. You will have these more clear precise explanations for “Why things are the way they are?”.

3. Coding Addict

Really addicted to creating some coolest stuff. The way he designs & codes the projects are much fabulous. You just fell in love with those end results. Too satisfying. Name — John Smilga, the creator of Coding Addict. He has created different types of playlists on JavaScript especially. Including JavaScript nuggets for learning small but powerful things, some JS challenges & awesome projects.

Do I even read? Like really? Yeah yeah, I do read. But sometimes documentation is a bit tough to get started with it ( to me ). Never mind, I do have a preferred a few sites & books for learning JS. & I love them that they exist. Let me mentions them here as well -

READ it Out

  1. MDN

MDN Web Docs, previously Mozilla Developer Network, and formerly Mozilla Developer Center is a documentation repository and learning resource for web developers ( I copied this sentence ). My most days never end without visiting MDN, be that for, finding that UIO syntax in JS or just to know how that YUI works in JS. It's clean and easy to go.

2. JavaScript Info

Anything, almost, that you want to know about JavaScript is written here. Start reading from scratch and master the advanced parts of JS. All covered.

3. Eloquent JavaScript

It's a famous book in the world of JS. Many prefer a book version of this to go with. But I will recommend —

Not because it's an online website but for the reason of the content in which they have been laid out. You can try all the code snippets that the author is teaching you about on the go. You can run it on the website itself, really! Besides that, you will have the solutions to the exercises & hints on the same website. Reding something with interactions makes it a lot less boring. hehe!

Few other things to try out,

  1. W3SchoolWebsite
  2. HackernoonWebsite
  3. You don’t know JS — A book series on Github
  4. Awesome JS Learning — Learning resources to learn JS on Github
  5. Medium — You are not forgetting this, are you?

Okay okay, I will stop it here. This is enough to hook you up with JS for a good amount of time. All are best in themselves. Worthy of Try. I might have missed some other great ones though. Because the contents keep updating, & thus you will have to update your resources as well. But these are good to go to become a JavaScript Developer.

So what’s next? Go grab a coffee, and build things in JS. If you want, then buy the Atomic Habits book to learn about habits & how to build ones. Atomic Habits — A book preferred & used by many great programmers.

All hail JS.

If you are still here, you can connect with me on Github,

Did I forget to pen my introduction? Ohh I did. Nothing special though, here we go,

Just another complex human being with a curious mind hanging out in the Tech world.



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