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Road Guardrails Data Annotation Case Study

An automatic driving system refers to the vehicle operating system in which the work performed by the driver is fully automated and highly centralized. To realize autonomous driving, three basic questions need to be solved: where the vehicle is going, where it is going, and how it is going.

The purpose of perception is to tell the autonomous driving system about the environment around the vehicle, which areas are passable, and which areas have obstacles.

Let’s look at a road guardrail image data annotation case.

Road Guardrails: located on both sides of the road, mainly those railing and barriers on sides of high-speed roads, urban roads, and intercity roads.

When vehicles run under certain conditions, guardrails can achieve the following functions:

One is to prevent vehicles from crossing the central divider into the opposite lane;

Two is to prevent the vehicle from out of way in the bridge and other dangerous sections, breaking the guardrail plate or drilling out from the guardrail plate;

Third, appropriately guide the driver’s sight and driving trajectory;

Fourth, when a minor collision occurs, the vehicle can be successfully exported to the right driving direction or back to the normal driving state.

Type Classification

The Time of Scenarios

The Weather of Scenarios

All railings within visual range and the outline of the object should be marked with the polygon.

If there is an occluded part in the middle of the target, the invisible part should be labeled.


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