Robot Sweeping is an Access to Future Smart Home

The capital market is optimistic about sweeping robots

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In 2020, the robotics industry raised 242 financings cases with a total amount of 26.7 billion RMB(4.18 billion USD), of which sweeping robots accounted for 13%. In October 2021, there were more than ten financings cases in sweeping robots. As far as we know, the cleaning robots complete financing of more than 10 million RMB(1.57 million USD)each month.

The reason for the explosion of the sweeping robot

1 Large demand

The low-level desires and needs of all Generation Z, post-80s and post-90s, are the same. They need to become “lazier” and need to free their hands. When there is some improvement in product strength, such as cleaning rag service appears, the price can be raised higher, and the phenomenon of shortage of supply will occur as well.

2 The supply chain is mature

After large-scale industrial applications, the cost of some core components has been rapidly reduced. For example, advanced technologies such as self-driving cars and parts can be applied to the products like sweeping robots.

3 Product upgrade iterations

Large-scale cost reduction and product upgrade iterations triggered by the new generation of technology have catalyzed the industry’s explosion.

Price determines product power in many cases

“Now the price is still too high. From the perspective of many consumer products we have invested in, the gap ( 20% or 30%)between prices has a great impact on the result of the final sales.” An investor said. In addition, robot vacuum cleaners have more functions to develop in the future.

Many Internet of Things uses WiFi to connect various home appliances, most of which are pseudo-needs, including smart speakers. In the future, there will be only two entrances — One is a sweeping robot because it may be used every day and has enough household data, the other is a robot pet.

Robot sweeping is still a product of tomorrow

There is a difference between sweeping robots and many products. The comprehensive threshold is very high, and the threshold of algorithm and navigation must be surpassed before it can become qualified.

The core principle of the sweeping robot is to meet the user’s demand. In addition to mopping, there are many functional pain points, for example, the cleaning in the corners. These functional pain points need to be overcome and need to be innovated. Therefore, the maturity of the sweeping robot is still a long time to go.

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