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Service Robots Help the Intelligent Transformation of the Catering Industry in China

New occupation-Service Robot Application Technician

It is appropriate to describe this position in one sentence: robots serve people, and technicians serve robots.

With technological progress, along with the non-contact requirements of the epidemic, the service robot market is accelerating. In the service robot industry, service robot application technicians have to lead robots into application scenarios and help them carry out their work smoothly.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a group of special figures has also entered the public’s sight. In this battle, unmanned delivery robots have been entrusted with the important task to fight side by side with medical staff. After the epidemic, intelligent robots have become helpers in more service scenarios such as food delivery, welcoming, cleaning, etc. A new profession, “Service Robot Application Technician,” has also emerged, which guarantees, optimizes, maintains, and manages the regular operation of intelligent robots.

Technician’s Daily Work

The technician first carries out regular inspections on several newly purchased food delivery robots in the store, then asks the store staff for various details, and then turns on his computer to set it up. In less than an hour, he installs the new robots’ “Brain”, and finally patiently trains the staff on how to control the delivery robot and lists some precautions for robot maintenance. Technician Zhang Xiaoming said, “It is very fulfilling to watch the robot ‘alive’ under his own hands and bring a good service experience to customers.”

“Fast” is the standard work rhythm in the robotics industry. Zhang Xiaoming’s company is one of the first domestic companies to enter the indoor robot service. The team uses advanced intelligent service robots and artificial intelligence technology to create efficient, reliable, practical, and stable solutions to help companies in various sectors to improve efficiency, realize intelligent upgrades, and serve numerous customers. The work of service robot technicians is not modular but needs to give different professional suggestions according to different environments.

Customized Training Dataset

With the acceleration of the commercialization of AI and the application of AI technologies such as assisted driving and customer service chatbot in all walks of life, the expectation of data quality in the special scenarios is getting higher and higher. High-quality labeled data would be one of the core competitiveness of AI companies.

If the general datasets used by the previous algorithm model are coarse grains, what the algorithm model needs at present is a customized nutritious meal. If companies want to further improve certain models’ commercialization, they must gradually move forward from the general dataset to create the unique one.


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