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Setting up a Cut Scene in Unity Step 1: Blocking the Shot

Objective: Set up a cut scene of our Player stealing a Key Card from the Sleeping Guard

Cut Scene Demo

The first thing I will do is move the Cut Scene Actors into the Scene(The Cut Scene has been put together outside of Unity by our Graphic Artist). Then I will rename it to “Sleeping Guard Cut Scene Actors”.

Creating Cut Scene Object

Now that have it in the Scene I will need to find it and move it into position. To find the object I will Select it and then click on the Scene View and press the “F” Key. This will snap to the Object. Then I can move it to the position.

Finding the CutScene

Now I will fine-tune the positioning so it is exactly where I want it.

Moving to the exact position

Now that the Actors are in position, I can run the Game and see the Cut Scene in Action.

Cust Scene Demo

Ok now that I have the actors in Place and the Animation look good. I will move on to Composing the Shot(Next Article).

Happy Coding!!!!




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