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Setting up a Cut Scene in Unity Step2: Composing the Shot

Objective: Composing the Shot of our Sleeping Guard Cut Scene based on the Directors notes.

Director Notes

Based on the Director's notes I will have two Shots to compose. The first is over the shoulder shot and the second is the Card grab. I will set up to Virtual Cameras in cinemachine.

The first shot will be the “Over the Shoulder” Shot. Select Cinemachine then select Create Virtual Camera. Select in Hierarchy and rename it. I will name it CM OTS Shot.

CM Over The Shoulder

Next, I will line up the shot as per the Director's notes. To do this I will click on the Scene view then holding the “Alt” key I can move the Camera around with the mouse. Once I have the look I want in the Scene view I will select the Virtual Camera in the Hierarchy, then select GameObject Menu, then Align to View. This will snap the Virtual Camera to the Scene View. This can also be done by Selecting the Virtual Camera and using the Hot Keys Ctrl+Shift+f

Aligning CM OTS Shot

Creating the second Virtual Camera.

CM Card Shot

Aligning the view.

Aligning CM Card Shot

Now that I have the 2 Shots lined up per the Director’s Notes. I will clean up the Hierarchy before moving on. Note: don't forget to zero out the position(x,y,z) on the empty Gameobjects created.

Clean up

Now let's take one last look at the two shots.

Checking the 2 Shots

Ok, now that everything looks good I will move on to putting everything together using Timeline(next article).

Happy Coding!!!!




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