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Should You Join a Coding Bootcamp?

You might have seen LinkedIn posts or Instagram ads for coding bootcamps and their promises of a $70k+ salary for your next job. And that gets you thinking, “Maybe I should.”

That was me.

One eventful November night at 2 AM, I saw a Flatiron School alum post his experience on LinkedIn. At that time, I was working at Citi as a Mortage Loan Processor and something told me to face my old fear — coding.

So I signed up for Flatiron School that same night. I interviewed and joined the January 11, 2021 cohort (#Annabooleans). I finished around early June and landed an offer a few weeks before I started my last project for Flatiron. About 50% of the original cohort had dropped out or fell back by the last module.

Before you commit, here are some reasons why I think someone should, reasons for someone to not join, and a list of bootcamps.

Six Reasons to Join

  1. Most bootcamps will assign you an instructor and will guide you through. You will always have someone to ask questions.
  2. You have a cohort who will be going through the same impostor syndrome thoughts. Lots of support and love! I met some really great people from my cohort!
  3. Most bootcamps create their curriculum around the idea of helping you produce a portfolio. Flatiron School has five modules so you will have five projects to showcase on your resume.
  4. There are usually options for you if you need a more flexible schedule. You could attend part-time or full-time and on-campus or online.
  5. Some bootcamps won’t charge you until you find a job! I paid for everything upfront but just know that there are usually options for most boot camps.
  6. You will be given support to find a job. Flatiron has a Career Services program that will help you navigate LinkedIn and grow your network. I didn’t have a chance to use much of this feature but it’s definitely worth using it!

Six Reasons to Not Join

  1. Coding can be learned for free. Let’s be real. There are countless free resources out there. [ freecodecamp, udemy courses, YouTube channels like Web Dev Simplified ]
  2. The languages taught at bootcamps might not be what you want to learn. Flatiron teaches Ruby but my current employer does not use Ruby.
  3. The instructor’s teaching style might not align with your learning style. This could definitely discourage new programmers.
  4. The instructor has to worry about more than one student so you might not always have priority.
  5. You have more freedom in creating your own projects with whichever frameworks/languages you want.
  6. You get to set your own schedule and take as many breaks as needed without any consequences.

List of Bootcamps

There are definitely more bootcamps out there, but here are a few.

Let me know if there are other reasons to join or not join a bootcamp!



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