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Simple Way To Collect Image Across Internet Automatically (Instagram, Google, Etc)

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Disclaimer: In some country, there maybe rules that forbid data scraping. This article is for educational/research purposes only. Any violence because of this article is beyond my responsibility.

Collecting data is crucial in data science; you can’t create a model without data. Data could be collected in multiple ways, such as manual download, web scraping, buying datasets, reusing old datasets, or automatically downloading images. We will look at the last options and automatically download images from a site.

In this article, I would like to share the simple steps for automatically collecting images across the internet. For example, let's use Instagram to create a dataset. Before I was creating an article about downloading the bulk of images from google, you could take a look here.

In that article, I wrote using Python, but I would like to make it simple in this article. Let’s use extensions. As the data goes rapidly, in many ways, we will be overwhelmed if resisting using our brain only. In this growing world, we don’t grow alone. Many peoples already have cool stuff that could help our job.

“If there any easier path, why do we like to pretend cool by still using the hard one?” ~ me

The name of the extension is Fatkun Batch Downloader. If you already know it, congratulations, but if not, it’s okay. Let’s explore it together.

What is Fatkun?

Fatkun is a useful image batch downloader. These were extensions that made download bulk of images with just one click. Support downloading on most site that contains images on it. Such as Airbnb, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Konami, etc.


This extension is tested via my chrome browser. Here are the steps to install these useful tools for data scientists.

1. Download this extension into your chrome browser. First of all, click three dots on the right above the page > More tools > Extensions

2. In the left corner of the page, click three shaped rectangle, and this window will be opened; click Open Chrome Web Store

3. Using the search bar, find fatkun and click the first output, “Fatkun Batch Download Image” you can also explore other extensions.

4. Click Add to Chrome and wait several minutes until it downloaded

5. After it’s downloaded, there will be a pop-up window. Choose to Add an extension

6. The extensions will be added to your browser

7. Open Instagram and open someone you want to collect their data. For me, I want to create a dataset of my favourite actress Kim Da Mi.

8. Click on the extensions and click Download [Current Tab] Because I want to download the image from this tab.

9. Sometimes, if the person has too many posts, you need to scroll down until the icon below goes and the pictures show up. Because Fatkun will only download the existing pictures on a page.

10. In the Fatkun window, you can see that fatkun will choose the image you can download from the account. You can filter the image width and height, and many more.

11. The best thing that Fatkun can do is you can also select pictures so you can deal with useless data. Well, if you finish selecting the picture, click the download button.

12. In the popup window, click Download Image.

13. The image will automatically be downloaded

14. Another best thing about fatkun is it can automatically create a folder with the name get from the source you download it

15. If the data is not enough, you could still browse on Google or other search engines like this.

16. Tadaaaa!!! with the same method, you will get at least 100 images from google


As we had been through with Fatkun, there are several things we could get

1. Fatkun let us automatically download images to create datasets from any sources

2. Fatkun has a feature that makes us could select images that are good for creating the model and leave the useless one

3. The dataset will be saved easily on the computer

Do you have any idea about another advantage? Add it in the comment section; I would be happy to give a response to it.


In this article, I talk about how to download a bulk of images from the internet automatically. The focus of this article is step by step on the Fatkun installation and how to use it. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section. Happy to help, thanks!!! Thanks for reading until this way end.

Disclaimer: In some country, there maybe rules that forbid data scraping. This article is for educational/research purposes only. Any violence because of this article is beyond my responsibility.



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