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Sources of tech-enabled platform ideas

if you are a tech entrepreneur looking for tech-enabled platforms to build you would better have to be interested in many fields and listening to the experts and professionals talking about their works and problems in their core field because by doing that they always tell you opportunities for building a tech-enabled product that will make their work more efficient. These tech-enabled platforms will mainly be efficiency innovations but if the tech entrepreneur thinks and works hard she can turn them into disruptive innovations.

Then professional talks are sources of tech-enabled platforms like the one below that you can watch and get the idea of the tech-enabled platform to build for travel agents and this platform is an important need for nowadays disturbed air transportation.

I hope that you have discovered the idea I am talking about and will try to build it. What you need to be able to do is to build a data-gathering program, a scrapper, that will get the information from different websites and present them on a well-designed user interface and a mail and phone notification module that will stream events in realtime.

Best practice for managing Irregular Operations and Schedule changes for airlines

Books are also sources of tech-enabled services and platforms for example reading this is an excerpt from a book about airlines operations

On Christmas day, 2004, Delta Airlines’ regional subsidiary Comair canceled all 1,100 daily flights, stranding 30,000 passengers, when the computer running its crew scheduling system failed. S

While highlighting to you how negative computer system failure can be for an airline this excerpt tells you clearly that you can build and operate this IT services startup for airline carriers and if you like me you are skillful in finance you can manage to attach to your It services an insurance product for such case of failure. I think this tech-enabled service is hard to implement but who knows maybe you tech entrepreneur can.

PS: Games ideas also can come from watching this kind of video then this article is also of interest for Godda Game



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