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Steam Pre-Infusion for Espresso: A Summary

Collecting some steam

  1. Comparison of the DE to the Kim Express
  2. The Coffee Sneeze
  3. The History of Steam Pre-infusion
  4. Steam Pre-infusion for the DE
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DE vs Kim Express

I felt after five months of using the DE that I should do a paired test against my Kim Express.

Coffee Sneeze

Over the past few months, I’ve observed a small coffee flurry before each espresso shot.

Steam Pre-Infusion

Steam Pre-infusion is not a new feature for espresso machines. There is an interesting history of machines that had some amount of steam pre-infusion without it being part of the design.

Emulating Steam Pre-Infusion

I spent some time trying to understand steam pre-infusion, and I figured out how to get a similar effect on the Decent Espresso machine using a very low flow rate at a high water temperature.

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