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Streaming Smartphone From Your Desktop Very Light (No Root Required)

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Are you a streamer? Gamer? or a person that needs a bigger display of your phone? This article will share how to mirror your device into a desktop such as a laptop. The benefit is you don’t need to create an account, see any ads, root devices, or even an internet connection. You don’t need it at all. You only need a USB device to connect your phone to the laptop.

If talking about performance, I have tested it, and it will work with very low latency (the lag will be nearly unseen), but the display will still give the best result. Okay, without much talking, let’s go into practice.

What do I need?

As I said before, you don’t even need an internet connection is a truth, but you still need one thing; it’s your phone. If you don’t have one, I think you should buy one 😂. In this step, you will require the developer mode of your phone to be activated. In my case, I will try to give an example of using my phone, Redmi 9T, to activate developer mode.

After developer mode is activated, you will find developer options in additional settings like this.

Find USB debugging, and you are ready to mirror your devices without any internet connection.

The Secret Tools

As I said before, we will use a tool named scrpcy. This is a tool developed by Genymobile, which created genymotion. The Scrpcy tool could help us in mirroring smartphone devices.

If you are a windows user like me, scroll the page down and find the download button in the Summary or click the link here. If you are Linux or macOS, you probably could install it very fastly using apt install scrcpy or brew install scrcpy.

Extract all the data into the directory you want

With your phone connected to the devices, run the scrcpy.exe.

After a few moments, the apps will start.

There will be a notification on the phone; allow it.

Tadaaa, right now, you can see your smartphone on your laptop.

And yeah, as I said, you could stream everything from your smartphone to your laptop easily.

There are many things you could explore from these tools on GitHub, but before going further. I want to share the way to record your screen. Yeah, you could record your screen using this very simple command.

scrcpy --record {name_with_the_format.mp4}

The recorded file will be saved in the same directory as scrcpy.

And you can run the recorded file whenever and wherever you want.


In this article, I was sharing how to mirror the smartphone into a laptop. Congratulations, you have done it nicely. Don’t forget to explore more with these tools; this article will be your door. The mystery inside it is yours to find. Thanks.




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