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The Application of AI in the Security Industry — Part2

“AI+Security” scene applications

Scenario application in the public security industry

The urgent need of users in the general security industry is to find clues to criminal suspects in massive amounts of video information. The front-end camera has a built-in AI chip, which can analyze video content in real-time, detect moving objects, identify people and cars information. Then the data is transmitted to the back-end AI central database for storage and is evaluated by powerful computing and intelligent analysis capabilities.

Real-time analysis of the suspect’s information saves time for the investigation. Its powerful interactive ability has genuinely become an expert assistant to case investigators.

Scenario application in the transportation industry

In the transportation field, AI technology can be used to analyze urban real-time traffic flow, adjust the interval between traffic lights, shorten the waiting time of vehicles, and improve the efficiency of urban road traffic. The city-level AI brain can grasp the trajectory information of cars on urban roads, and the real-time parking situation in the parking zone. It can allocate resources and divert traffic in the whole city, especially for the busy zones, such as the airport, railway station, bus station, and business district. Large-scale transportation linkage dispatching improves the operation efficiency of the entire city and guarantees residents’ smooth travel.

Intelligent building scenario application

In the field of Smart Building field, AI is the brain, comprehensively controlling the security and energy consumption of the building, realizing real-time tracking and positioning of people, vehicles, and objects(entering and leaving the building), and distinguishing office workers from outsiders. It optimizes the operating efficiency and prolongs the service life of the building.

Scenario application in the industry park

In the factory park, moving patrol robots are used to regularly patrol, read instrument values, analyze potential risks, ensure the reliable operation of fully enclosed unmanned factories, and promote the development of “industrial 4.0”.

Civil security scene application

In-home security, the home security camera can automatically enter the arming mode when it detects that there is no person in the home. When there is an abnormality, it will give an audible warning to the intruder and remotely notify the homeowner. When family members go home, they can automatically disarm to protect user privacy. During the night, through self-study for a certain period, home security can master the routine of family members’ work and rest schedule and ensure night safety.

The strength of an AI system mainly depends on two things

1. The quality of the algorithm model

2. The quantity and quality of training data

The current deep learning still relies on the big data model based on statistical significance, which requires scalable data, satisfying the real and sufficiently balanced distribution.

In other words, the amount of data and the quality of the data used in algorism training can play a decisive role.


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