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The Application of OCR

The related application of OCR should be one of the better scenarios for commercializing AI. Today, we are going to talk about OCR.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition), refers to the process in which electronic equipment checks the characters printed on paper, determines their shapes by detecting dark and bright patterns, and then translates the shapes into texts. The essence of this process is to use optical equipment to capture images and recognize text and extend the power of the human eye to the machine.

The research work of character recognition technology began in the last century. Until now, this field is still constantly developing. It is closely related to our life, and on the other hand, it lays a foundation for the research of different areas. Early information is usually obtained from books. But now, information is transmitted in more and more forms, in addition to text, there are also voice, images, videos, and so on.

How do you gather information from the content? This is where text recognition comes in.

At present, OCR is mainly used in fiscal and tax bills, identity verification, content verification, education, insurance, healthcare, transportation, photo recognition, translation, and other fields.

1. In the past, when we sent a package, we had to manually input the name, phone, and address of the sender and recipient, and then print it out. The whole process always took 3–5 minutes, which was time-consuming. Now, the worker directly uses the OCR function to automatically identify the information and fill in the blanks, which is completed in about 10 seconds. This is where OCR comes in.

2. OCR also plays a significant role in traffic supervision. Take seat belt wearing as an example. Today’s computer vision recognition system is working 24/7. When the system discovers an illegal act, it can immediately recognize the license plate and vehicle type and automatically record them.

From the above examples, OCR has penetrated into every corner of our lives. It is clear that OCR can not only help enterprises reduce process management, but also help enterprises to obtain economic benefits. The implementation of OCR can also help some fields such as banks to solve the pain points, including the high error rate for manual checking of bills and its low effectiveness.

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