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The Basics of Post Processing in Unity

Much like an instagram filter. We can apply Post-Processing to our Unity projects to help make our games stand out visually and perhaps even put it on par with AAA games.

To do so, we need to install our post-processing package in the package manager.

Next, we need to create an empty game object that we can label PostProcessVolume, on this we can add a Post-process Volume component. This is where we apply our overrides to alter our image.

To apply these changes to our game, we first need to create a layer that we can assign this game object to. This layer will act as a way for our camera to read the changes we wish to make.

On our camera game object, we need to add the Post-process Layer component. Next, select the new layer we just created. Now if we alter our overrides on the Post-process Volume, our game image should change.

The easiest change to see is using bloom. Bloom gives the illusion of extremely bright light, which will help to make our thruster, explosions, and galaxy background to pop!

Another great override to use is color grading. Color grading allows us to change the temperature and hue of our game image, which has endless possibilities, I’m not overly well versed in the creative imaging side of things, so I simply use color grading to affect the saturation and contrast. For the best results, it’s recommended to use ACES tonemapping mode, as this is very similar to what is used in film, and thus familiar to our eyes. When we select ACES tonemapping. We need to access our project settings and within the player settings, change our color space to linear.

Lastly, we can use a vignette to create a soft fade around the edge of our screen, drawing more attention to the center where all the action is happening. With our galaxy background, this works extremely well.

There’s many more effects we can add as overrides, but many aren’t really suitable for our current game, I’m sure as I create more I will use more aspects of post-processing but for now, let’s just crank the bloom and be done with it yeah?

I did use a bit more than just bloom, here’s a before and after.




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