The biggest regret of professional hackers when they were beginners and their advice.

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I was surfing Reddit and stumbled on this post which I found very interesting and thought it might be helpful for beginners who’re starting in a hacking career. The question was “What is your biggest regret of all time in learning hacking? And what advice would you like to give who’s newbie?”

There are times when we regret doing somethings which then leads to nothing helpful as this guy says he wasted 3 years of his life learning subjects which he’s not finding helpful anymore. so let's actually see the regrets from other hackers and what somebody can learn from those mistakes.

let’s learn from those comments.

Just start!

It may sound harsh but its the truth

As this person says he had all the stuff he needed to start but he didn’t start early you can see his regret in the line “I never sat down and took the time to learn.” As the popular saying “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” I really encourage you guys to start learning the new stuff that you like tinkering with there are plenty of free stuff for us to start like TryHackMe rooms HackTheBox rooms and loads of educational stuff that you can use and learn from.

Hard work and persistence are key!

This is the best comment I saw he basically talks about how he learned. You see, it’s not about how you start your hacking career it’s all about what you learned and how much you can use it in your real-life ethical hacking journey. “best traits of a good hacker are persistence and intelligence” I wanna add up to this statement, no one borns intelligent & you really need to belive in persistence and hard work. Don’t think about the end goal focus on the journey that’s what’s important, Slow and steady wins the race!

Start taking notes!

The biggest regret is when you don’t find the right thing at the right time, as they say, the most powerful tool is which comes in handy at the right time; so make sure you note everything down on paper or online and you should also learn to make use of that information.

Never stop learning!

In reply to OPs regret

I 100% agree with this guy/gal “Education is never a waste of time. Life is never about 1 single thing.” You really need to expose yourself to different scenarios and learn from them. As you can see hacking is all about mindset, the different perspectives, and thinking out of the box but to achieve that mindset you need to be a consistent learner. In brief, never stop learning!

You don’t need to be a coder to be a hacker!

really guys you don’t need to be a coder when you start into hacking but you need to know how the program works to be able to hack it and it becomes important when you want to dive deeper into real technical stuff. At the surface level, you don’t need to be a coder to be able to hack, But learning coding does really helps to increase your knowledge base. In this video, LiveOverFlow explains it very well.

Only hack for good!

The popular saying “With great power there must also come great responsibility”, This commenter explains it very well. Hacking is the skill it has the ability destruct any infrastructure, it will start innocent but will end up scary enough put someone in jail. So don’t use your skills to harm anybody or illegally there is no respect for black hats in our community, so beware! Only hack if you’ve permission to do so.

Don’t be a script kiddie

This is the best answer ever “A hack is understanding a technology well enough to realize (both figuratively and literally) a behavior in the technology that was otherwise unintended.” You should learn how the technology works, how IP works, how websites work, what is VPN how does it work? don’t just use the things which are already available learn how those things work, Don't be a script kiddie.

Of course, I won’t go through all those 200 comments you can read the post here.

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