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The last time I Googled an encoding tool

Example of my shiny new encoding tool

Today I was googling, yet again, to get a quick encoding of an HTML snippet to display inside a web page I was creating.

I’ve done this a hundred times and every time I seem to land on a new tool but they all have something in common.

  • They are slow
  • They look like something from the 90s
  • They are riddled with stuff I don’t need

Then I need to

  1. figure out which of two fields to add something in
  2. I need to switch to the decode or encode mode because I always end up in the wrong one to start with
  3. I need to press a button to do my conversion
  4. I need to update my code and press again to adjust it

There must be a better way? It’s really just a few lines of javascript. So I made a better way.

Open and you have HTML and URL encoding, live without a single button to press (unless you need to find another tool, sorry, I didn’t fix that out-of-the-box.. yet)

Example of live usage, encoding and decoding HTML and urls

This tool is teeny tiny. Styled on top of the wonderful pico CSS, using JQuery for encoding the HTML and built very easily using inline VueJS.

Check out the repository and help add more encoders!

Bookmark & enjoy!



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