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The minimal organizational unit

Tribes are the minimal organizational unit for creatures be they human beings or animals but we, human beings, are trying to break it down into families but families are more successful when they form tribes by connecting with each other. If we reduce the number of elements of a social unit we reduce the opportunity to develop new forms of communication and to be more synchronized and synchronization between us helps us perform better actions that put us forward.

The industrialization era made us selfish by transforming us into creatures of consumption by producing a lot of goods and creating a lot of paid works to be done by us. With the money we got by working we bought the good we produced and we started to race for highlighting differences between us for a short time maybe because differentiation was the strategy of established companies that fight to get our attention and money. This time was short enough to make us selfish by reducing our social unit to family. What cares is me and my family. But the goal of industrialization is to standardize and to produce faster. You see that we had the opposite goal of the system we created. Now everything is almost standardized. If you want something specific you pay it at premium prices and being specific will not be easy because it will require you to be rich. Seen with a statistical view being rich is trying to position yourself at the edge of this normal distribution curve

This organizational behavior is tied to us since the first time we started socializing and forming groups. Our socialization process has been ignited by the communication skills we developed. Communication is one of the inhibitors of socialization because it enables synchronized actions. You can learn this with ants' behaviors, bees, or any other social creatures.

it happens that I am going into how we are organizing ourselves in tribes using the medium of internet and how in tribes we can have a so big impact like making a stock price goes from $4 to $500.

Today humble hands helped me redesign the cover and the landing page of my coming book Gamestop anatomy of a stock short bubble. Here is the landing page for those who want to be early readers. HERE

here is the new cover and inside previews



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