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The Opportunities of Old systems

Old is the new Big, the example of Microsoft Bookshelf

Microsoft BookShelf 1998

Apart from learning there are many opportunities in old systems one of these opportunities is that some of them are more protected from external attacks because there is less and less documentation about them and new hackers are often focused on new technologies, technologies that are part of their tech cultural time period. For example, a new web system engineer is actually more likely to be most interested in building and hacking systems built with the last javascript frameworks. If you asked a web developer to build a bookshelf system, she will likely use Django, Node, React, or any other web development framework. I am almost sure any one of them will use this past Microsoft system called Microasot Bookshelf

What if the software engineer told herself what if I start from this Microsoft solution and build my bookshelf system on top of it even if I would pay licensing fees to Microsoft or just find the corresponding open-source alternative to this Microsoft product. Then this CDrom will be the backend of her solution what makes building a frontend system exposed to the web her only goal apart from adding some backend plugins that will support new features not offered by Microsoft bookshelf. Actually, this practice is one of the best practices for one who is aware of security and customization and it could be a good opportunity to connect with Microsoft or the open-source community in charge of the alternative solution that you have chosen in place of Microsoft. This is the best way of building web solutions or SaaS platforms.

CD-ROM as Service is this new engineering framework with a lot of solutions built with it and many other next buildable solutions. For example, one of these newly built solutions is a new software engineer testing procedure that asks applicants to build new solutions based on past builds of given old software. This test helps measure the ability of a software engineer to deal with unknown systems and to creatively discover a new way of exploiting them and building new features on top of them. It also highlights the seniority of the software engineer applicant. There are many more opportunities with this framework and highly recommend you to adopt it and to feel free to ask me if you want to know more about it. Thinking about how to engage open-source contributors to this framework and using the power of this project of decentralized autonomous Organisation driven by blockchain technologies for each contributor to get benefits and power and even financial assets.

This solution built on top of Microsoft Bookshelf is a solution for this startup Called Book Dojo, a startup that was rejected by YC which for sure have not taken into consideration this story because it is just now that it is written and published and we have not talked about this framework in our application. I say our but actually, this startup is run myself only as project and I know that ventures fund don't like alone founder and value team but for who knows where he or she goes don't require or partner for decision making but for action taking given that each of of the actors knows where they will go and what benefits they will get. The team requirement of silicon valley is a false myth most of the most powerful tech and internet things have been done by a single person believed by others. That’s Why I set to be an alone founder until I become convinced that this myth is true what is very unlikely.

If I was paraphrasing Seth Godin who said small is the new big I would say old is the new big and this statement is the core of this new engineering framework that I am writing about.

PS: Pivoted Godda Game and still working on Book Dojo but this framework is used by all these two ventures and by emb… also. (linking the ps section I discovered a new solution for online discovery that uses hashtagging and it has been highlighted to me by this experience about mysterious and strange keywords)




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