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This brand survey tweet of Rana

Example of an insightful tweet


With a single tweet, People like Mishka Rana are doing the job that only brand marketers with huge budgets used to be able to do. With this tweet below Rana knows what brands matter to her audience because they were 607 persons who answered to Rana.

I have not made a deep analysis of this tweet but sounds that Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Zomato, and Amul stood out from the brands that populate our branded world.

Rana has executed a brand survey that used to cost millions of dollars what highlights how easy and fast the technology has made opinion gathering easier. With a simple data processing tool Rana could make statistical analysis for ranking the brands that matter for this population sample and with all the social data into the profile of each of these respondents Rana is able to know why each brand mattered to each kind of person.

Of course, it is not given to everyone to post a tweet and have more than 600 engage with it by commenting. What Shows that Rana is very skillful at social media marketing because she succeeded at growing an engaged audience.

This article is about Rana’s skills as well as showing that in our connected era the tools of production and information gathering are at the fingerprint of everyone who has a smartphone or a PC. But it necessitates being patient and be motivated to learn and test things.

Rana is a Content Writer | Copywriter | Social Media Marketer | this insightful tweet that she produced can prove that she is someone to work with when it is about content and social media marketing. Then if you are looking for a professional Social Media Marketer here is the Linkedin profile of Rana

A skilly woman doing works that matter in tech like these women.

PS: you can listen to MISHKA RANA explaining her process and journey with this video below




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