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Top 10 Blockchain Jobs you should apply for in 2022?

When we observe the advantages and solutions that blockchain can bring to today’s workplace across industries, we see that it has the potential to become a necessity to the world. Due to this, there might also be a surge in blockchain developer and engineer-based job roles. Moreover, the growth opportunity and salaries seem to be much more attractive than any other job sector. And the best thing about blockchain jobs is that employees can work remotely without needing to change their geographical location. Thus, having a blockchain certification is a big advantage today.

Here is a list of the top 10 blockchain-based job roles you should apply for in 2022.

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Table of contents

  • Get wise system: blockchain lead architect/developer
  • SoluLab- Blockchain Developer
  • NPCI: Blockchain Lead/ Developer
  • ZebPay: Blockchain Developer
  • Fusion Software Solutions: Blockchain Developer role
  • BLOK SPORTS: Lead Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain Internationale: Blockchain Developer
  • OpenThrone: Blockchain Developer
  • Himotech Global PVT. LTD: Blockchain Developer
  • Closing Thoughts

Get wise system: blockchain lead architect/developer

Here you will work on different blockchain platforms, both public and private, and carry out Defi protocols integrations. Further, skills to process every stage of the development phase are a must. The prime job here is to lead other junior developers in the team. Also, the blockchain developer salary here is pretty good.

SoluLab- Blockchain Developer

The job responsibility involves requirement analysis, building a business model with specifically designed blockchain technology, and launching the blockchain network. Further, you will get to operate blockchain platforms, including Steller, Ethereum, and Solana. Having blockchain engineering certification will put you above other candidates.

NPCI: Blockchain Lead/ Developer

As a blockchain developer in the lead job role, you will have to design, conduct and support a blockchain-powered distributed network. Also, you’ll get to generate smart contracts, build POC on various blockchain platforms, and build other components for the DLT network. Plus, you’ll have to execute tech specs into all the platforms to improve their security level.

ZebPay: Blockchain Developer

For this job role, candidates will be given the opportunity to work with a globally established team. For this, candidates should have the skills needed to collaborate effectively with the team, pay attention to details, and maintain great communication skills.

Fusion Software Solutions: Blockchain Developer role

To take up this job role, you’ll need to have firm expertise in programming skills along with a deep understanding of blockchain and its decentralized nature. Additionally, having working experience with the Ethereum network will aid your CV. Further, if you are comfortable utilizing Agile development methodology, then you’re a perfect fit.

BLOK SPORTS: Lead Blockchain Engineer

The job responsibility revolves around building blockchain components as a part of blockchain solutions. Here, being up-to-date with all the recent blockchain developments will come in handy. Also, get the blockchain certification before you apply for this role so that you’ll have a better knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Internationale: Blockchain Developer

Having a blockchain engineer certification on hand will incredibly add value to your resume for this particular job. Here, you’ll have to manage applications’ distribution by designing, building, and supporting them. Additionally, if you acquire knowledge of tokenomics, you’ll be the best suitor for the role.

FESSChain: Solidity Blockchain Developer

Candidates must have at least 2 years of experience as a solidity blockchain developer. Also, they must know how to create and maintain smart contracts. Aside from this, a good understanding of blockchain developer roles for the Ethereum platform is crucial for this job.

OpenThrone: Blockchain Developer

For this blockchain developer job role, you will have to perform certain aspects of the blockchain platform development. For example, investigation, designing, building, and testing of blockchain technologies. Furthermore, you will have to build smart contracts using the solidity language for different blockchain platforms, including ethereum, Polygon, etc. Also, being able to integrate crypto wallets with the platform should be one of your expertise.

Himotech Global PVT. LTD: Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer job role that will require you to perform research, development, design, and testing of blockchain networks, especially ethereum. In addition to this, expertise in designing customized blockchain technology, including algorithms services and libraries using solidity, is preferred.

Closing Thoughts

As blockchain technology is developing with every progressive year, professional opportunities in the field are growing as well. Hence, getting the appropriate certification and starting a career in the field will help you achieve your career goals in this space. Above, we have mentioned all the job roles that are available for candidates to apply for this year. Go through the details of each of them to determine which one to choose for your career growth.

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