Top 20 Must Try AI Tools for Developers in 2023

90% of developers don’t know about these websites.

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In this article, we’ll see a few AI-powered tools that are set to revolutionize development and make the life of developers easy in 2023. We’ll talk about the top 20 AI and low-code tools designed to empower developers. AI tools are so much more powerful now that it enables them to create impactful products, manage teams and run their own startups. Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of these AI tools and how they can significantly enhance efficiency and innovation in the development process.

1. tl;dv

Introducing tl;dv, an AI-powered tool for call and meeting management. With AI timestamps, you can effortlessly highlight key moments and automatically generate summaries. Get instant access to recordings, timestamps, and transcripts right after your calls. Quickly find important moments, create clips, and utilize AI search for comprehensive insights across your meeting library.

Whether it’s UX research, product management, or customer success, This tool empowers you to enhance productivity, drive user-centric change, and streamline collaboration. Experience the transformative power of AI in optimizing your call workflows today.

2. Pieces for Developers

Pieces for Developers is an intelligent code snippet manager deeply integrated with AI to help you save, generate, enrich, reuse and share code throughout your workflow. The desktop application and suite of integrations with existing developer tools boost your productivity while researching in the browser, collaborating with teammates, and coding in the IDE.

You can generate contextualized code based on your personal repository, extract code from screenshots, automatically add inline comments to your code, and much more — all within a powerful, centralized application that streamlines your workflow. Code more efficiently with their free tools!

3. YOU is a search engine built on artificial intelligence that provides users with a customized search experience while keeping their data 100% private. It’s a proper app suite with lots of AI-based tools and features. With YOUwrite, you can use AI to write blogs, emails or social media posts. With YOUimagine, find and create stunning images using AI.

You can write code and take help in your development process by accessing code mode AI chat to search the web. And study or learn new skills by using study mode chat to access resources across the web. Explore YOU now.

4. Jam is a user-friendly tool trusted by thousands of teams. It enables quick bug reporting without disrupting workflow, generating comprehensive bug reports that include essential information like browser/OS details, console logs, user actions, network logs, and linked services. It seamlessly integrates with popular issue trackers and tools, enhancing bug reporting in any preferred platform.

Additionally, JamGPT, an AI debugging assistant included with Jam, analyzes bug reports, identifies correlations, and provides solutions, allowing for faster debugging powered by AI. JamGPT is available as a free extension for Jam users and as an instant ChatGPT app exclusively for macOS, accessible via a convenient keyboard shortcut.

5. Decktopus AI

Decktopus is an invaluable tool for developers and product managers, enabling them to create impressive presentations effortlessly and without design expertise. By saving time and effort, it allows them to concentrate on essential tasks. For developers, Decktopus generates visually appealing presentations for project updates, technical documentation, and product demos, effectively conveying information to diverse audiences.

Product managers can utilize its features to craft engaging presentations for product roadmaps, market research, and customer feedback, utilizing customizable themes, layouts, and design options. Decktopus offers built-in tools such as forms, voice recording, custom domain integration, webhook functionality, and multimedia embedding, enhancing the overall presentation experience.

6. Durable

Durable can help you build a website in 30 seconds with AI. This AI website builder generates an entire website with images and copies in seconds. If you are a small business owner without coding knowledge, this is a go-to tool for you. You can edit the website with a simple editor or generate a new website design just by writing AI prompts. You can get a website, CRM, analytics and add invoicing without any hectic process.

If you are a developer, you can launch a project page in seconds using Durable. Code less build more!

7. Leap AI

Leap AI provides AI APIs for developers. Covers a wide range of AI tasks, including image recognition, text analysis, and natural language processing. Leap AI’s APIs offer user-friendly features, making them accessible even for developers without AI experience. These APIs are scalable, allowing you to adjust the number of requests as per your needs. With reliable performance, you can trust that Leap AI’s APIs will be available when required.

If you seek a provider with diverse services, easy-to-use APIs, and scalability, Leap AI is an excellent choice. Integrate with over 5,000+ apps without writing any code.

8. Notion AI

Notion AI is a helpful tool inside the Notion workspace, assisting with writing, brainstorming, editing, and summarizing. It boosts writing efficiency and speed, suitable for various content types like blogs, job descriptions, and emails. The ‘Notion AI automates content creation, including blogs, brainstorming, to-do lists, and literature, using powerful artificial intelligence. Unlike other tools, Notion’s drag-and-drop text editor allows easy rearrangement and transformation of AI-generated content.

9. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a versatile tool for crafting signs, invitations, logos, social media posts, and website banners. With its AI capabilities, you can effortlessly begin designing using your own images or AI-generated options. It supports you throughout the creative journey, from ideation to actualization. Equipped with AI superpowers, it can generate striking designs and images based on your input, while providing writing assistance and automatic layout suggestions.

It can help you in the promotion of your software and apps by using visual design generated using AI.

10. Microsoft Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online video editor that enables everyone to craft captivating stories through video. Clipchamp is the go-to platform for effortlessly editing videos for various purposes. Whether starting from scratch or using a template for efficiency, its extensive collection caters to all project types. Importing videos from multiple sources, including computers and mobile phones, is a breeze.

Microsoft is using AI like crazy, this video editor is super easy to use to edit presentations, video tutorials or project introductions. Automatically create accurate captions in over 140 languages. Turn text into speech with one click.

11. SuperAGI

SuperAGI is a user-friendly open-source platform for building and launching autonomous agents for different purposes. With its graphical interface, action console, concurrent agents, and various database options, developers can easily create and manage AI agents. SuperAGI is a developer-focused framework for autonomous AI agents, designed to simplify the development process.

It recently introduced SuperCoder, a SuperAGI agent template to create simple software applications using goals & instructions.

12. replicate

Replicate is a cloud-based platform that simplifies machine learning for developers. It offers a scalable API to run open-source models without requiring extensive knowledge of machine learning. Developers can access Replicate’s Python library or directly query the API using their preferred tools. The platform hosts a diverse community of machine learning experts who share various models, from language processing to video creation.

With Replicate and tools like Next.js and Vercel, developers can swiftly bring their ideas to life and gain visibility on platforms like Hacker News. Replicate also streamlines model deployment with Cog, an open-source tool that packages models into production-ready containers. Overall, Replicate enables easy and efficient integration of machine learning into projects.

13. Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an AI community shaping the future, enabling you to build, train, and deploy cutting-edge models using open-source machine learning. With over 5,000 organizations involved, Hugging Face provides a collaborative hub where creators tackle challenges in Audio, Vision, and Language with AI. Their natural language processing library, Transformers, is open-source and now supports various ML models like Flair, Asteroid, ESPnet, and Pyannote, with more on the way.

Additionally, Hugging Face offers an Inference API for seamless model deployment and the development of innovative technologies, including T0 Multitask Prompted Training, DistilBERT, HMTL, and Dynamical Language Models for enhanced language modeling.

14. Pinecone

Pinecone simplifies the development of high-performance vector search apps, offering scalability and ease of use. It empowers AI application builders with reduced overhead and ultra-low latencies, enabling a seamless transition from research to production without DevOps. With Pinecone, you can effortlessly launch, utilize, and scale your AI solution without the need for infrastructure maintenance or algorithm troubleshooting.

15. Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-powered program that generates stunning images using advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology. It serves as a valuable tool for developers, enabling them to create visually appealing images for various projects, such as websites, apps, and games. Moreover, developers can leverage Midjourney to explore AI and machine learning techniques, integrating them into their own projects. By incorporating Midjourney, developers can enhance the visual appeal of their work and experiment with cutting-edge AI techniques, making it a powerful tool for their creative endeavours.

16. AssemblyAI

AssemblyAI is a leading platform that offers AI models for speech transcription and comprehension. Their user-friendly API provides access to advanced AI models that can recognize speakers, summarize speeches, and more. Leveraging cutting-edge AI research, AssemblyAI delivers reliable and scalable models through a secure API, trusted by numerous startups and enterprises worldwide. With comprehensive resources, including tutorials and documentation, developers can easily integrate AssemblyAI’s API to create innovative products incorporating speech recognition and understanding. By utilizing AssemblyAI’s state-of-the-art AI models, developers gain a powerful tool for accurately transcribing and comprehending speech data in their projects.

17. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is an AI platform that extracts information from PDFs, enabling users to chat with PDF files as if they were talking to a human. It is similar to ChatGPT, but specifically designed for research papers. To use ChatPDF, visit their website and upload a pdf. It offers a chat interface exclusively for interacting with PDFs in real time. This tool allows users to efficiently complete tasks and extract information from large PDF files. It accepts PDFs in any language and can chat in any language.

18. AgentGPT

AgentGPT is a platform that enables users to create and deploy their own autonomous AI agents online. Users can give their agents a name and objective, and the agents will work towards achieving the assigned goal. Through a chain of language models, the agents think, execute tasks, evaluate their performance, and generate new tasks, recursively advancing towards their objective. With AgentGPT, developers have a powerful tool for creating personalized AI agents capable of accomplishing diverse goals.

19. LangChain

LangChain is a framework that simplifies application development using large language models. It offers modular abstractions and implementations for various components, making it easy to work with language models. Additionally, LangChain provides customizable use-case-specific chains, enabling developers to quickly start and customize applications for specific purposes like document analysis, chatbots, and code analysis. Overall, LangChain empowers developers to leverage language models effectively and build innovative applications.


Gretel ai is a synthetic data platform that enables developers to create artificial datasets resembling real data, ensuring privacy is maintained. With’s APIs, developers can easily generate anonymized and secure synthetic data, accelerating innovation while protecting sensitive information. The platform offers comprehensive tools for training AI models, validating use cases, and generating data as required, with a quick setup time. Developers can explore synthetic data through sample notebooks or the user-friendly web app, catering to both technical and non-technical users. Gretel ai empowers developers to harness the potential of synthetic data while upholding privacy standards.

Few more tools…

21. Merlin

Merlin is a Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT API that enhances your productivity by providing applications of ChatGPT on any website on your browser. It provides you with features like free access to the GPT-4 model by OpenAI, Youtube Summary, Blog Summary, AI writer for Gmail, Twitter & LinkedIn, Chat GPT response on Google search, AI Chatbot to Chat with Merlin on any website and much more. It helps you get the best out of AI on Google Search, Youtube, Gmail, LinkedIn, Substack and 10+ million other websites.

22. CodeWP

CodeWP is a cutting-edge AI code generator and assistant built for WordPress. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, it simplifies code creation, testing, and installation. It offers a vast library of verified snippets and tutorials to enhance your skills, making it a valuable tool for all aspects of WordPress development. Just ask the generator, and it will provide custom solutions tailored to your needs.

I hope these AI-based tools and websites will help you as a developer to grow more.

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