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Top 5 NFT Launches to Concentrate

NFTs are the biggest craze of 2021 and people cannot get enough of them. The market exploded in popularity in January and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Their unique nature and the technology they use to have everyone talking about them and that is the topic we’re going to look at today. Specifically, we’ll be looking at the Top 5 NFT launches.

The NFT craze caused businesses, organizations, and celebrities to take note. Now, they’re all minting and putting their NFTs up for sale in the hopes of gathering enough attention and generating hype. The only problem is that there is a new NFT launching practically every day. From innovative artists to creative studios, the vast number of NFTs in the market can be overwhelming. If you’re a collector getting to know about NFTs or are an NFT enthusiast, you benefit from knowing which ones are more valuable than the rest. That way, you can make an informed decision when looking for what NFT to buy.

We’ve scoured the internet and listed down the biggest NFTs that are worth checking out.

Melania Trump NFT

Beginning this list is with former First Lady Melania Trump joining the NFT craze with her digital collection. The Melania Trump NFT platform is available on the Solana blockchain network and accepts SOL and credit card payments. The first NFT is a watercolor by French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon and sells for I SOL. This is the first project Melania Trump started since leaving the White House one year ago.

Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible NFTs

Chakra is a comic book character created in 2012 as a collaboration between the iconic comic book creator Stan Lee and Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra of Graphic India. Chakra first burst onto the scene in several comic books, animations, and digital shorts. Fans immediately took to him for his design, personality, and innovative power set. Now, Chakra moves from the entertainment sector to the NFT industry. Fans now have the chance to collect the first-ever Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT collection. This event is a rare opportunity for comic book fans, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to own a rare piece of history.

Seven Chakra collections drop in one week and each NFT collection presents a rare opportunity for comic book fans and collectors. Here is a list of every NFT drop in the Chakraverse.

➼ Chakraverse Collection 1

➼ Chakra Artpunks

➼ Animated living comic book cover

➼ Comic book cover stills

➼ Seven Chakra powers

➼ Animated Chakra NFT videos

➼ Stan Lee birthday special

You can find all these incredible NFTs only at the Beyond life NFT marketplace. Sign up to the site right now and get updates and notifications on everything related to the Chakra NFT craze.

MG Motor India NFT

MG Motor India is the first auto brand in the country to get onto the NFT bandwagon. The company plans on launching its NFT collection. MG motor’s NFT sale starts with 1,111 pieces of digital art. This collection includes GIFs and several static images for purchasing. The pieces come under four categories. They are drawings on the Morris Garages heritage, collaborative art, community and diversity, and car-as-a platform. The company aims to use the NFT launch to help boost the brand’s fan base and increase its audience.

Adidas debut NFT collection

The iconic sportswear brand recently announced a partnership with three big names in the NFT space. Though details about the event are sparse right now, one thing we do know is that the digital asset acts as an access token with exclusive access to goods in the future. The company’s official website lists that the sale commences on Dec 17th. The tokens have a starting price of 0.2 ETH, which is more than eight hundred USD at the time.

BollyCoin- the Salman Khan Backed Digital Asset

Famous Bollywood superstar Salman Khan announced his support of the digital sensation. BollyCoin is a Bollywood-centric non-fungible token platform and has the backing of Salman Khan himself. The platform made waves in the industry as it announced the launch of digital collectibles of the widely successful Dabangg franchise. The project launches the collection includes posters, stills, and movie clips.


The growth, popularity, and hype generated by NFTs prove that they are here to stay. This is more than a passing trend and everyone is getting on the bandwagon. While there are plenty of launches to choose from this month, we recommend these top five as they are sure to provide high ROI. More than that though, the satisfaction gained from owning a rare and unique digital asset like a Chakraverse NFT is unlike anything else.



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