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TrueNAS Bespoke Alerts

TrueNAS has several built in alerting mechanisms, however I wanted the ability to have NAS alerts pushed to my phone via PushOver. To accommodate this, I needed to abuse one of the existing alerting methods to send alerts to my custom script.

Of the existing alerting mechanisms, the SNMP Trap method seemed like it would be the easiest to bend to my will. I created a jail called “Monitoring” (using Basejail) which will contain all my various monitoring and utility scripts. Make sure you configure this jail to automatically start. Inside of this jail, I installed python, pip, and the python library pysnmp:

# pkg update
# pkg install python3 py37-pip
# pip install pysnmp requests

For a starting script, I used this great example:

By modifying the above script, I was quickly able to publish SNMP Trap message to any service I wanted. You can figure out what MIB’s mean what via this document (notifications section):

Since I use PushOver, here’s what my script ultimately looked like:

I configured the JAIL with “NAT” networking, and noted down the NAT IP.

Inside of the Monitoring jail I created a new file called /etc/rc.d/snmpmonitor which will start the monitoring script above (update paths appropriately):

Now add the following line to /etc/rc:


The final step is go to the TrueNAS application -> System -> Alert Services, then click “Edit” on “SNMP Trap”.

Now make sure “Enabled” is checked, and that the “Hostname” points to the net address for your monitoring jail. Also update the “Port” to be accurate:

Now click “Save”. You should now get alerts via your customized script. I recommend using the “Sent Test Alert” to make sure everything is configured correctly.




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