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Tune up an upgraded Red Hat CodeReady Studio


Try to start codereadystudio with the -clean option when it is slow after an upgrade.


I worked with Red Hat Code Ready Studio version 12.19.1 for a while. And already several months ago version 12.21.0 was released. Halfway December 12.21.1 came GA.

Earlier I already tried 12.21.0, but it was incredibly slow. It was unworkable. So, I put it aside and went back to the 12.19.1 version. Today, I decided to retry 12.21.1. But, with the same result: unworkable slow.

I tried to give it some more heap space. You can do that by editing the file $CRS_HOME/studio/codereadystudio.ini:

Where $CRS_HOME points to my Code Ready Studion home (/app/redhat/codereadystudio-12.21.1).

And then I monitored it for a whil with $JDK11_HOME/bin/jconsole. But, to no avail.

At the end of my rope, I decided to scan around known issues section in the Release Notes. And there my eye caught the following:

Restart codereadystudio with the -clean option

So, I simply restarted my codereadystudio with the -clean option:

Clean start of Code Ready Studio

After that Code Ready Studio runs fine!




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