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Waypoint-Patrolling AI With Branching Paths In Unity, Part 1

For my stealth project, I had to make patrolling guards. However, I decided to mix it up with some randomly-selected alternate paths, and a “look direction”.

Today’s Objective: Create a simple modular AI guard that will patrol along some waypoints, and sometimes choose 1 of 2 waypoints to go to.

Creating the system:

The Variables:

I create a new class called “AIWaypointPatroller” which will hold all the AI code for patrolling along a set of waypoints.

I want to allow for facing a specified direction while at each Waypoint, plus the option for alternate Waypoint positions (which I’ll add in Part 2), so I create a custom struct for the List<> instead of just a Vector3.

I also want to show the Waypoints in the Scene view for easy debugging.

Finally, the private variables:

The Functions:



Functions called during Update:

Finally, to draw the nice debug lines in the Scene View, make an OnDrawGizmos() method:

There are 3 parts I want to draw:

  • The current position,
  • The Waypoints and the lines between them,
  • And the Look Direction of each Waypoint.

The Result:

Finally, all that work pays off with a very nice looking waypoint system!

A waypoint path

In Part 2, my next post, I will add the possibility for alternate paths, and add functionality for turning slowly to face the LookDirection.




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Vincent Taylor

Unity game developer / C# Programmer / Gamer. Australian (Tasmanian) indie games developer for 10+ years. Currently looking for games industry employment.

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