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Weekly Crypto Update: Week of April 12th

Top and bottom projects of the week

Source: Reddit

Top Projects of the Week


  • Maintain relatively low gas fees even during ATH prices and heightened transaction volumes (see chart below) — partially due to the Flashbots initiative being implemented in mining pools that constitute 58% of the Ethereum network hashrate
  • Ship the Ethereum Berlin hard fork, which had a number of improvements for gas cost. This is the largest update since Muir Glacier in Jan 2020
  • Announce that a Layer 2 solution, zkSync, will be able to achieve a network throughout of 20K TPS (transactions per second) — rivaling the throughput of centralized networks like Visa
  • Broke the threshold of $60B in TVL (total value locked) in Ethereum smart contracts
Heightened exchange activity due to Coinbase public listing. Source: Messari Research

Polygon / Matic

Zapper dashboard

Ribbon Finance


Source: eGamers

Bottom Projects of the Week


Source: Messari Research
  1. Don’t deny the power of memes (and then they cite GameStop but GME has a legitimate play in eCommerce with Ryan Cohen and his storied, demonstrable record as its backer)
  2. It’s fun to hold Doge because of the memes and the community— whereas its not fun to hold other coins



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