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What are the AI projects Mark Zuckerburg revealed to Power Metaverse?

Meta, formally known as Facebook, is focusing on expanding AI research to implement new projects. The CEO of the social networking giant states that these projects will work to improve the efficiency of speech, chat, voice assistant, and others.

Basically, the company wants to enhance the capabilities of Metaverse with advanced AI.

Further, blockchain professional teams also see it as a futuristic approach. In fact, the second the Zuckerburg’s statement that Metaverse is going to be next-in-line to mobile internet.

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Let us learn about the revelation of 5 AI-based projects by Mark Zuckerberg:

Table of contents

  • A new age of AI generative models
  • Voice assistants conversing in a more natural language
  • Universal speech translator
  • Artificial Intelligence for moderation
  • Study of ego-centric data
  • Closing Thoughts

A new age of AI generative models

This project will be building AI generative models that can create an entire world as per the user’s instructions. For it, they have a pre-recorded demo of this AI concept named Builder Bot. Here, Mark appears as a 3D Avatar that is legless on an island. Further, it gives speech instructions to create clouds, beaches, picnic blankets, and trees.

The idea behind this initiative is to allow people to share experiences just through their voices.

Voice assistants conversing in a more natural language

The project is a step to shape the way users will interact with Artificial Intelligence in the Metaverse. To understand the role of AI in Metaverse, please take a detailed Metaverse course.

Basically, AI research focuses on modifying the voice assistants to ensure the flow of natural language while interacting with users. Here, the project is named CAIRaoke. It is a complete end-to-end neural model that can build an on-device assistant. Further, its demo shows a family utilizing it to cook a stew. Here, the voice assistant alerts users that salt has already been mixed into the dish. Moreover, the voice assistant also takes track of the stock of salt in the house and orders more when it notices it below.

As the meta leverages blockchain platform, AI, and VR, this concept can get a lot better in the coming days.

Universal speech translator

The project will be immediate speech-to-speech translations throughout every language. Previously, the company was trying to train its AI system to carry out written language translation. It can bring great convenience to people with diverse languages. They’ll be able to connect and share stuff in their regional language, even in a virtual world like meta.

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Artificial Intelligence for moderation

Meta is seeking the capabilities of AI in moderating activities and content across the Metaverse. As per AI head professionals, AI has been in use for content moderation for platforms for a while now. However, the Metaverse is quite different in many aspects. It is because, unlike other platforms, Metaverse revolves around real-time actions. More so, Meta is yet to discover policies and activities of the Metaverse.

Furthermore, available coursework for the Metaverse course is yet to include more information.

Study of ego-centric data

Another project by meta focuses on the analysis of ego-centric data. Due to this, the possibility of viewing the world from a first-person perspective is high. Further, the project is named Ego4D, that’s bringing global labs and 13 universities together to work on it. As per the blockchain professional team, it will be the biggest ever ego-centric dataset.

What are the other areas Meta is working on?

Aside from these 5 projects, meta is also making plans to establish free-education initiatives. Basically, this objective focuses on providing access to racial minorities into the tech world. As per researchers, the initiative will eradicate chances of prejudice with this project. Also, the blockchain professional team agrees that building bias-free AI systems is critical in today’s time.

Another space meta is looking forward to is making TorchRec library an open-source platform. Meta uses this platform to personalize many of its products, such as the FB news feed. Also, it’s seeking to publish a prototype for feed ranking. With its help, the company can run the algorithms that select the type of content for a user’s feed.

Closing Thoughts

Metaverse has been in the headlines since its first revelation. Moreover, big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Meta (Facebook ) are leveraging it in some way or the other.

Due to this, people are showing curiosity to learn what’s in a Metaverse course.

Furthermore, experts believe that Metaverse is the future as it leverages 3 of the top and most innovative technologies. As per the blockchain professional team, Metaverse has the potential to use the capabilities of blockchain in the best possible way.

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