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What are While Loops

While loops within C# provides us to repeatedly execute a block of code as long as the specified conditions are met. Once the requirements of the code block is false, it will not run the loop.
When making a while loop, more often then not, you will see them within a coroutine. This is because it allows our coroutines process the continuously run until we don’t meet the requirements anymore. However, a key aspect to remember when running the routine is to not get it stuck in an infinite loop:

With a while loop as such, our routine will run forever and crash the program because it has nothing to end on. If we wanted to run a loop forever, we can do as follows:

A line of code like this will allow us to run an infinite loop in our game because we are giving it a 1 second breather between each action.
Now, we don’t need to keep while loops in a coroutine at all times, but we have to be a lot more careful when we are creating them outside of a coroutine, as we do not have the yield method to work with. When outside of a coroutine, we have to always have an incrementor in place and a set end amount, otherwise we will again be stuck within an infinite loop and have to force close our program:

Now, lets take a look at an example using speed and max speed. What we will do is set up a speed and max speed variable and create a coroutine to work with:

As we can see, we created a short time delay between speed increases in our while loop and that if our speed goes higher than our max speed, it will only reach max speed and no further. From here, we can check on our editor to see if it works in the console:




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