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What is a Chatbot and How It Works?

The chatbot is an AI program that reproduces natural human conversations online. It relies on predefined scripts to provide real-time responses to user queries through text or voice-based messages.

AI chatbots rely on natural language processing (NLP) to convert text into a format that machines can understand. They capture patterns in incoming messages, pick out words and phrases, and use them to identify customer intentions and provide answers.

Speech recognition software uses natural language processing and deep learning neural networks to extract messages from human speech. To this end, speech is divided into several audio segments, which are then translated, analyzed, and responded to by the software accordingly.

Facial recognition software can identify or verify a person’s identity by capturing, analyzing, and comparing facial patterns. It uses artificial neural networks to process biometric data and generate filters that convert facial details into digital features. The system then compares these features with a database to determine similarity.

An AI-powered recommendation engine automatically generates recommendations based on the search queries you make — but not more than that. The engine learns from both historical and real-time data that contains all of the user’s digital footprints. It can pick out typical searches and provide the right suggestions to the users.

Emotion analysis is the process of mining text to detect positive, negative, or neutral emotions, which is sometimes called emotion AI. It uses natural language processing and supervised machine learning to detect, extract, and study customer opinions toward a product or a service. Hotels, airlines, and other travel businesses can use customer feedback analytics to personalize and enhance their services.

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