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What Is Hyundai Motor’s Robotics Program Doing After the Acquisition of Boston Dynamics? — Part3

More Advanced Mobile Robots

Not only around the concept of cars and robots, but also in the process of laying out the metaverse, some innovations and changes were made.

Hyundai found that pure robots do not seem to be flexible or diverse enough in their spatial experiences. So under the concept of “Mobility of Things (MoT), Hyundai also launched its new PnD (Plug & Drive) module platform based on core robotics technology ”.

The new PnD platform is designed to give mobility to all objects.

Everything could be placed on the Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) modular single-wheel platforms. The PnD platform consists of a single wheel driven by an electric motor, with sensors and lidar, allowing easy steering, braking, and autonomous movement. Interestingly, as the standard integral robot is generally composed of 4 unicycles driven by a motor, so in fact, the PnD service platform can be enlarged or narrowed by percentage, and each robot supports the intelligent operation and handles the application. This means it can brake manually and move automatically, which shows its understanding of robot control.

“The core concept of metamobility is to greatly reduce indoor and outdoor space, time, and distance,” said Chang-Hyeon Song, project leader for Hyundai Motor’s mobility service. “Intelligent robots will reshape and enrich people’s daily lives. ”

Under this concept, Hyundai has drawn a blueprint for future travel solutions from small to large. PnD is not just made for mobility, it can also be used as an indoor and outdoor transportation solution for people’s last mile, separate from the larger public transportation system.

PnD platform can serve traffic, and can place everything, which makes it possible to help people store luggage in hotels, arrange furniture in office environments, and be used as a tool or vehicle for first aid and rescue. Of course, the greater possibility of this platform remains to be explored.

Or as Dong Jin Hyun, head of the Hyundai Robotics Lab, put it: “In a future world, we won’t move our own things, but as PnD modules make traditional inanimate objects move, these things will actually move around us.” This is certainly a much more exciting future.

The Future Under New Ideas

In terms of the whole product system, it can be said that the brand-new vision of mobility that Hyundai Motor wants to express is not limited to cars, robotics, or metaverse. It is more like a big goal set to meet human’s desire for unlimited free movement, and the specific way to achieve it is still being explored.

In the future, robots that link the metaverse and reality will undoubtedly enable human beings to move beyond distance and space, and the characteristics of the metaverse can also get rid of the constraints of time to the greatest extent and build an unlimited IOT technology ecosystem, expanding the living space and imagination of human beings.

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