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Why Artificial Intelligence is called Artificial Intelligence?

Nowadays, Everybody knows What Artificial Intelligence is. But there may be a question that Why Artificial Intelligence is Artificial?

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The first thing people think about Artificial Intelligence is about a computer that can have predictions or can classify some data in order to get some useful information. Or It’s called Artificial Intelligence because the processing power behind everything is a computer. Mainly the definition by people is enough, But to find out more and go further about why it is named Artificial Intelligence, Read this article.

In this article, We can find out technically, Why Artificial Intelligence is called Artificial.

Biological Intelligence

To get to know more about Artificial Intelligence, we need to know its roots. Artificial Intelligence is from Biological Intelligence. Biological Intelligence or specifically a human’s brain, is a set of tiny lightweight processing units called neurons. A human brain contains more than a billion neurons. These neurons are connected together with lines named axons and axons terminals are connected to dendrites. Dendrites are used to weigh the signals between neurons. So every neuron's signal is weighted via dendrites. In a network of neurons, These weights are used to change the value importance of a signal and together will impact the output of an input signal.

image 1. A neuron image, taken from website

Artificial Intelligence (Neural Network)

Think of a biological Intelligence. A biological Intelligence network as described earlier is a set of many neurons that can solve complex problems. To create something similar that can be implemented in computers and solve complex problems, we need units similar to neurons. A neural unit in computer science is called perception. Perceptrons are tiny lightweight units that can solve small problems. these perceptions are connected via weighting lines together that the importance of them is configured via these weights.

image 2. perceptron image is taken from the book in this link

As we can see in image 2, A perceptron (the part named output/input node in image 2) is a set of simple functions that compute the output from the inputs. Every perceptron is connected via lines and with a weight from 0 to 1 that is multiplied with the output to change the importance of the value.

Here we won’t go deep into how perceptrons work, But for general knowledge, perceptrons can be a simple function that computes simple mathematic problems. A set of these perceptrons can be a network, and compute complex problems. For more information, this type of network is called a neural network. There are different types of networks for Artificial Intelligence science And we introduced the most important one of them here.

So now we know why artificial intelligence is artificial. It’s because it is made by units similar to the human brain’s neuron called perceptron. And these perceptrons are the processing power behind Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks for reading, If you have any questions Do not hesitate to ask.



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