Why choose Kentico as your next CMS?

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Choosing a CMS for your business is never easy. But it looks like you’ve rounded up your options and landed on Kentico for now. In this post, we will explain why choose Kentico over other CMS.

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  1. History of Kentico
  2. Why choose as your next CMS?
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History of Kentico

Kentico was founded by Petr Palas in 2004. According to their website, the original idea for Kentico was born from the bachelor thesis of Petr. What started out as a one-man operation, slowly gained heat and became what Kentico is today.

By 2008, Kentico was named as one of the “fast 50 rising stars in the Czech Republic” by Deloitte. Yet again in 2010, it received the same award from Deloitte. They reached 67 employees by 2010 and eventually hit 100 employees by 2014. By the end of 2016, this number climbed to more than 200 employees working.

With time Kentico has expanded to multiple locations across the world. It is also being used by thousands of businesses around the world, making Kentico a force to be reckoned with.

Why choose Kentico as your next CMS?

One of the reasons Kentico has grown so fast is due to its diverse offerings. With time they have diversified to create products and features that cater to different industries and users. This has helped them grow rapidly and acquire new customers at breakneck speeds. Here is a list of all the options available when you choose Kentico

  • Kentico CMS base — This is the option to choose if you want to manage multiple websites that are simple. It is useful for website owners and marketers managing a basic website with not a lot of complex pages.
  • Kentico CMS ultimate — This is ideal for e-commerce business owners and marketers who manage complex websites. This has a built-in CMS with the ability to add online communities to your website.
  • Kentico EMS — This is one step ahead of the previous option. It has all the features and dynamics of the previous tools, along with a dedicated online marketing platform. This option is highly useful for marketers who pay very close attention to data and automation.
  • Kentico EMS Corporate — The corporate version of Kentico comes with unlimited and free training for its users. It also gives you access to Kentico’s premium support team. This means that all your issues will be handled with top priority. This option is also useful for developers, as they will be able to access the source code of Kentico. They can use the source code to modify it according to their needs.

Another reason to choose Kentico is the large clientele they have. Close to 15% of the world’s Fortune 500 businesses used Kentico as their base. Popular names such as Hyundai, Heineken, Microsoft use Kentico. The fact that most Fortune 500 companies use this CMS, has a lot to say about the quality of their products.

The world we live in is fast-paced and filled with constant changes. The web pages and the pieces of content that you hosted a month back may not be relevant today. So your team needs to have the power to change things on your website easily.

Kentico offers the ability to make changes effortlessly. It offers you a browser-based interface to make changes to your website. You can add pictures, change the text and links without any technical skills.

The non-technical people on your team can directly work on your website, rather than talking with a developer. This ease of use saves you a lot of time for your employees. When the time of your employees is saved, it equals time for other important tasks.

Kentico offers you the ability to score your leads inside its platform. You don’t need to add any extensions to enable this feature. The CMS platform allows your marketing team to manage all your leads without any external interference.

Kentico also creates custom personas of each visitor based on their journey. Your marketing team can then set scores and thresholds for every lead. As soon as a lead reaches a point, they will be directly shifted to the connected CRM.

Just like lead scoring capabilities, Kentico offers you A/B testing abilities right out of the box. You don’t need a set of developers to deploy any new code on your website. The testing capabilities allow you to -

  • Independently test individual pages
  • Test one version of a webpage to another version
  • Optimize the webpage without the help of a developers

Marketers need to constantly test individual pages on your website to improve their efficiency. Seeking the help of a developer to do these tests brings about friction. This can stall the process. With Kentico, your marketing team has the ability to test independently. Think about all the time your marketing team can save on these processes.

Kentico offers you a bunch of integrated tools right out of the box. You don’t need to spend hours adding new tools to help you save time with your processes. For example, here’s a small list of the tools offered by Kentico

  1. Dedicated CMS
  2. Marketing automation tool
  3. Email marketing tool
  4. Integrated campaign management tool
  5. Lead scoring tools
  6. A/B testing tools
  7. eCommerce tools


Kentico is the all-in-one CMS designed to make your life easier. With many more reasons and benefits not covered in this list, it’s safe to say that Kentico is a winner. If you’re looking for a dedicated Content Management System with serious analytical and automation capabilities, Kentico is your tool.

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NFT is an Educational Media House. Our mission is to bring the invaluable knowledge and experiences of experts from all over the world to the novice. To know more about us, visit https://www.nerdfortech.org/.