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With L4-Level Autonomous Driving Capabilities, Uber’s Delivery Robot Has Begun to “Work”

Next-generation Delivery Robot

Robots are more capable of acting on their own while the auto industry was struggling with the technology and regulations for self-driving.

Serve Robotics, the robotics division of Uber-owned Postmates, has unveiled its next-generation delivery robot that can operate without human intervention.

These fully autonomous robots have completed their first delivery mission, successfully navigating themselves within a designated area. The self-driving robots are the result of five-years research and development, representing a major advance in delivery services. To create next-generation robots with L4 level of autonomous driving, Serve Robotics has researched features such as autonomous emergency braking, vehicle collision avoidance, and failsafe mechanical braking.

Designed to resemble a shopping cart of the future, the company’s latest Serve Robot is 30 inches (76 cm) long, 21 inches (53 cm) wide, and 40 inches (101.6 cm) tall. It has 50 pounds (23 kgs) of storage capacity, and with the help of its “eyes” (actually cameras), it can move around on four wheels. Together with active sensors such as Lidar and ultrasonics, the robot can safely navigate busy urban sidewalks.

Serve’s technological breakthroughs are made with the support of numerous key technology partners, including Nvidia and Ouster. The AI computing platform needed for the robot to perceive its different environments in real-time is provided by NVIDIA Jetson, while the autonomous driving capability of the machine is enabled by Ouster’s 3D Lidar sensors.

“I am proud that Serve Robotics has achieved Level 4 self-driving, further enhancing public safety by vastly reducing the potential of human error,” said Ali Kashani, CEO of Serve Robotics. The milestone achievement marks the huge potential of robotic delivery.”

The company’s robots have successfully completed tens of thousands of deliveries in Los Angeles. Recently, its new robot also succeeded in performing the first and almost fully self-delivery mission at the L4 level, autonomously navigating within a designated area. This year, Serve Robotics will also gradually expand its geographic coverage as it begins promoting its new fleet of robots.

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