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Xenobots! Holy SH***T!

Bioethics of Programmable Nano-Organisms

“the Xenobots can navigate aqueous environments in diverse ways, heal after damage, and show emergent group behaviors” (Blackiston, Lederer, Kriegman, Garnier, Bongard, & Levin)

“After extracted embryonic stem cells have been cultured, microsurgery tools help “glue” the naturally sticky cells together in a range of simple organismic configurations, for example, with molar tooth-shaped or kidney-shaped appearances” (Coghlan & Leins, 2020)

“Motile biological constructs have been created from muscle cells grown on precisely shaped scaffolds. However, the exploitation of emergent self-organization and functional plasticity into a self-directed living machine has remained a major challenge” (Blackiston, Lederer, Kriegman, Garnier, Bongard, & Levin)



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