Bungie doesn’t have a 10-year plan for Destiny. They never did

Remember last year, before Destiny released, Bungie kept saying they have a 10-year plan for the game? Well, that’s not exactly the case. Actually, it never was. Bungie community and marketing relations manager Eric Osborne tells Edge that while Bungie does in fact have a 10-year partnership with Activision, it’s not a 10-year plan for Destiny, like everyone has been led to believe.

“Those things were so distracting, and not about the experience we were creating. It just became the narrative. I mean, I drive a Honda Civic. I don’t know shit about $500 million. A ten-year plan? It’s a ten-year partnership agreement. It has nothing to do with the development of the game proper.

“To think that somehow, before Destiny had shipped, we had some ten-year plan written down somewhere? It’s comical. We allowed the narrative to get constructed that Bungie is just a corporate entity and not a bunch of humans, a collection of people who are just trying to make a really great game.”

Yeah, it is comical. You know what’s also a bit comical? Being told numerous times that there’s a 10-year plan when there really wasn’t. Really, this just adds to the narrative of Bungie turning into a corporate entity.

So, what does this mean for that timeline people found in the recent Marty O’Donnell v Bungie case?