Chris Hemsworth Hilariously Reacts to Not Being Invited to ‘Captain America: Civil War’

“This the one for the kids, is it — where the kids have a scrap on their own?”

Anthony and Joe Russo’s “Captain America: Civil War” has been referred to as “Avengers 2.5” for featuring virtually all of the Avengers. Again, virtually — Thor and Hulk aren’t in the movie. Why not? Well, Robert Downey Jr. recently explained the reason Thor isn’t in the movies is because he apparently can’t handle wielding his own hammer, Mjolnir.

But is that the real reason? Chris Hemsworth doesn’t think so. Instead, he believes “Captain America: Civil War” is for the kids, and wants the Avengers to call him and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) when they’re ready for the “big boys to step in.” You know, for “Avengers: Infinity War.”