Dad Sells Entire Comic Book Collection to Pay for Daughter’s Tuition

Al Sanders has been collecting comic books all his life; but to pay for his daughter’s college tuition, the super-dad made the decision to sell his entire collection.

“As all parents who have college-age kids, we started putting together what it was going to cost and what we needed to do,” Sanders told ABC News of his decision. “You start looking at those options you have, and my comic books were an option. That’s when I looked at their value, and I’m now trying to find a good home for them.”

Over the years, Sanders, 53, has amassed a collection of an estimated 5,000 classic comic books spanning titles from Batman to Luke Cage to X-Men.

“I’ve got them all in 10 boxes, and the boxes in theory hold 500 each,” he explained. “My wife, when we met, she saw them and asked what they were and I said, ‘They’re my comic books and they come with me.’ She allowed me to keep those, but the Sports Illustrateds had to go.”

Sanders says he will be at this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA, looking for a dealer to purchase his collection, hopefully for a decent price.

“It’s one of this area’s largest conventions,” Sanders explained. “I was going to collect cards from some of the dealers to see if there’s interest from one individual to take the whole collection. I’m looking for somebody who enjoys reading them. When I was collecting them I was reading them, not thinking about them as an investment.”

While selling his comic book collection is tough, Sanders says he has no regrets about the decision. He wants his daughter Rose, 16, who will be starting at Fisk University in Nashville this fall, to start college off right, financially.

“We see all these stories of kids having to take out loans to be able to go [to college]. We want to try to avoid that,” he said. “If there’s anything that can help defray the cost of her getting started then that’s what we’re going to do.”

H/T, P/C: ABC News

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